Tuesday 20 June 2017

Kurt Russell

Kurt Vogel Russel was born on the 17th of March, 1951 in Springfield, Massachusetts. He is the son of the famous actor, Bing Russel. His career started from a T.V. play, The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters and later on the in the second half of 1960's, Russel signed a contract with The Walt Disney Company for ten years where he became the top star of the studio. He was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor - Motion Picture for his immaculate performance in the, 1983 movie, Silkwood. Over the years he has performed several roles for numerous directors and has played his part in some of the best movies of all time. The actor was also nominated for an Emmy Award for the television film, Elvis.

Russell's Religion

Russell is a Buddhist and is a strong believer of his faith. It was previously assumed that he was also a Jew like his dating partner, who has some Jewish background but Russell cleared the air out when he mentioned that he is only Buddhist and is a strong believer of the existence of God. 

Russell's Political Views

Russell has quite different political views than his dating partner who is quite diverse and donates money to Democrats as well as Libertarians. Kurt has said it numerous times that he was raised a Democrat but when he realized that at the end of the day, being a Democrat was not a lot different than being a Republican, that's when he realized he should support Libertarians and is a hardcore supporter of their ideology.

Who is he dating?

Kurt Russell was married to Season Hubley but after their divorce in 1983, the actor started seeing Goldie Hawn and the couple has stayed together ever since. This is something very interesting that both of them have very opposing views on certain things yet they have managed to come that far along. They haven't gotten married but are still together.

Kurt Russell's Hobbies

The actor loves to shoot. He really is an enthusiast about guns and also likes to hunt. This is something that he enjoys a lot. But the most interesting hobby of Kurt is that he likes to fly and for that, he has acquired a license from the FAA as well. 

Interesting Facts

In February 2003, Russel and Hawn moved to Vancouver, British Columbia. They did it so that their son could play hockey.
Kurt Russel was a minor league baseball player until an injury ended his career. while the Russell family is mostly known for their acting, "Baseball is really the family business that nobody knows about because our other business was sort of out there in the public and seen by a lot more people," said Kurt Russel in an interview.