Monday 26 June 2017

Kim Basinger

Kimila Ann Basinger, famously known as 'Kim Basinger', was born on 8th December, 1953, in Athens, Georgia. Her parents, Ann Lee (Cordell) and Donald Wade Basinger have five children, of which she is the third. American by origin, Basinger is an actress and a singer. A former fashion model, she began her career in modelling in New York in the 1970s. After this, in the year 1976, she went to Los Angeles, where she starred as a television actress in many TV films, including a remake of 'From here to eternity' which hit the theatres in 1979.

Kim Basinger Religion

Born and raised in Athens, Basinger was brought up to be like a 'Methodist.' Even though little is known about her current religious views, some still believe her to be a Methodist, while some people beg to differ. Basinger claims to have a 'humorous relationship with God' and a strong faith. Neither is there much information, nor is there ample evidence to support that claim. At present, she is merely believed to be a Methodist.

Kim Basinger's Political Views

Basinger’s moto: 'Animals: don't eat 'em, don't wear 'em', reveals her belief in Vegetarianism. She actively supports animal rights. She took action against the sending of two tigers to the Baghdad zoo, during the Iraq war. Maybe the tigers would be safer in a zoo, but she didn't want to see them in a cage. Basinger is also a strong environmentalist and would want her children to play with environmentally friendly toys.

Who is she dating?

In 1979, Basinger met Ron Snydor-Britton and they got married on October 12, 1980. She left him for Batman producer, Jon Peters in 1988, and they got divorced in the December, of the next year. She dated famous singer ‘Prince’ too in between. She started seeing Richard Gere in 1986, while filming ‘No Mercy’ and married Alec Baldwin, whom she met on the sets of ‘The Marrying Man’ on August 19, 1993. They got divorced in 2002.

Kim Bassinger's Hobbies

Basinger was a ballet dancer. She had been learning it since she was three and continued somewhere between her teens. Kim, as mentioned earlier, is a vegetarian and actively supports animal rights. She filmed a Public Service Announcement (PSA) on farm animals in 'Farm Sanctuary', in which a calf, born to a cow was taken away from her. She protested against this and said, that he should be with his mother.

Interesting Facts

As a child, Basinger was extremely shy. When she was asked to speak in front of her school teacher, she would feel like fainting. However, her confidence began to resurface when she was in her mid teens and auditioned for her school cheerleading team. She was once offered a modeling contract, where she earned well yet did not like her job. She disliked having to go from one booking to another, and being constantly concerned with the way she looked. It would make her feel insecure.