Wednesday 28 June 2017

Jonny Lee Miller

Jonny Lee Miller is a film and theater actor who was born on 15th November 1972 at Kingston upon Thammes, Surrey, England, UK. His father Alan Miller, mother Ana Lee and grandfather Bernard Lee were also famous actors of their time.He possess both UK and USA citizenship. Famous comedy drama Tarinspotting(1996) was the very first milestone in his career and he became famous as "Sick Boy". His very first popular movie was Hackers(1995) alongside the famous diva Angelina Jolly who became his wife later on.He also started his production company later with Ewan Mcgregor and Jude Law.

Jonny Lee Miller Religion

Miller was raised in southwest of London. The only religion he got from his parents was acting. He was blessed with this skill and let everyone bow before him with his impactful roles in Afterglow(1997) and Mansfield Park(1999). At the early age of 16 he started his acting career. He is quite shy about direct answers about his religion rather he believes in acting as his religion. But as per his upbringings he can be assumed as a Christian. 

Jonny Lee Miller Political Views

Miller was a UK citizen by birth and became USA citizen in 2014. He loves both countries and want to live in both of the time to time. He also follows rules and regulations of constitutions of both countries but never cleared his stand for any political party of either country. Whatever party rules the country he gonna follow every one of them. Miller has put enormous efforts in finding cure for Sanfilippo syndrome and is set to address Congressional caucus in Washington.

Who is he dating?

Jonny lee Miller was able to impress beautiful sexy diva Angelina Jolly and married to her in 1996. The couples made many headlines in newspapers that time. The couple was happy but unfortunately they separated in 1999. But they promised each other to be good friends for the rest of the life. Miller made his acting career his primary importance and during his peak time he dated with top model Michele Hicks and they got married in 2008 after a relation of 2 years. The couple is blessed with one son Buster Miller.

Jonny Lee Miller Hobbies

He is die hard fan of Chelsea football club. In his leisure time he plays football. He is quite an athlete. Miller is quite fan of running and he completed London Marathon in 2008 in 3Hrs and 1min. Miller has also interest in Ice hockey. He is a great follower and fan of NY Rangers.  

Interesting Facts

He was a member of England's National Youth Music Theater.
Miller left 17 schools to pursue his acting career.
Miller's both wives Angelina Jolly and Michele Hicks have same birth date i.e 4th June.
Miller was only Non-Scottish team member of drama Trainspotting.