Tuesday 20 June 2017

Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Jonathan Rhys Meyers was born Jonathan Michael Francis O'Keefe on the 22nd of July, 1977 in Dublin, Ireland, to Mary Geraldine (Meyers) and John O'Keefe. He also goes by the name Jonny or Jon and is an Irish actor. His mother had to take care of him and his younger brothers as his father left the family when the actor was only 3. Jonathan was baptized immediately after birth there wasn't much hope that he'd live for long because of his heart condition. But he survived that. He has acted in a number of movies and T.V. shows but the most amazing of all is his role in the T.V. industry was in the biographical miniseries Elvis in which he played the role of Elvis Presley and it got him the only Golden Globe Award the actor possesses so far.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers' Religion

Jonathan Rhys Meyers was a Roman Catholic and his family as well. In an interview,  he explained that quite clearly that he was extremely religious while he was growing up. "I really loved God, and then I stopped when other things became more important, like girls." He highlighted the fact that he doesn't pray anymore like he used to in the past.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers' Political Views

Jonathan Rhys Meyers has tried to stay as far as possible from politics due to different reasons. Just one of the reason is his alcoholic background.

Who is he dating?

Jonathan has been in relationships with quite a lot of girls within the industry and of course, there have been rumors about him as well. But if we talk about his current relationship, then Mara Lane is the one with whom he is dating for the past three years now since 2014. The actor is engaged to Mara Lane since December 2014 and they have a child as well.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers' Hobbies

Jonny loves to go shopping. Yeah! This is absolutely amazing. He has the knack of shopping anywhere around the globe. And if it's not shopping, then goes for horseback riding. He loves that. And he is a regular at both of these things.

Interesting Facts

The actor has been in quite some trouble over the course of years, as he used to have a pretty serious alcohol problem. He was once arrested at the Dublin airport for having drunk too much alcohol and was barred from the flight. He has been enrolled in five-stars rehab centers many times.