Wednesday 21 June 2017

Finn Jones

Finn Jones, whose real name is Terence Jones, was born on 24th March, 1988. He is and English actor best known by playing the character of Sir Loras Tyrell in the HBO TV series, Game of Thrones. Jones studied high school in Bromley, and when he finished it, attended to a three-year acting course in The Arts Educational School. More recently he has also performed as Danny Rand/ Iron Fist in Netlfix’s original Marvel’s Iron Fist. He started his career as an actor since 2008, co-staring Hannah Ashworth in the English soap opera, Hollyoaks Later, a spin-off of Hollyoaks. 

Finn Jones  Religion

Jones seems to give a lot of importance to his privacy, and he doesn’t tends to talk about his private life, however, he is catalogued as Roman Catholic in several websites although he hasn’t confirmed this yet nor has made any declarations about if he believes in God or not.

Finn Jones Political Views

Jones doesn’t speak his mind about politics directly, but his comments about Trump have been very controversial. He blames The President for receiving bad reviews on the show he’s starring now, Iron Fist, alleging that people doesn’t like it because the main character is a “white American billionaire superhero” who could remind of Trump. Finn also received harsh critics about sharing Riz Ahmed speech about lack of diversity on TV on his twitter account.

Who is he dating?

There aren’t signs of him to be dating somebody on his twitter account, nor has been seen going out with someone in pictures. This has made him the focus of many controversies about his sexuality, above all because Loras Tyrell, the character he interprets in Game of Thrones, is gay. Despite this, these rumors are unfounded, and he is most probably straight.

Finn Jones Hobbies

Finn is a photography enthusiast. He is fan of Instagram, and although there aren’t many pictures of himself in his account, what he really enjoys is to capture images of his travels and places he goes to. Another of his passions is music, he also declares himself a “music lover” in his twitter biography. He doesn’t listens to music only; he also composes it and is part of a London-based group named Human Effort. He produces his own music in solo as well; you can check it out on his Soundcloud.

Interesting Facts

Jones had to change his name from Terence to Finn to avoid being confused with Terry Jones, the member of Monty Python, an English comedy group.

 He likes to support charity causes, once assisted to an Oxfam campaign aimed at raising funds for Syrian refugees.

He was adopted by a caregiver for children (his mother) and a private investigator (his father).

He would love to get to know Graham Hancock, a writer and reported specialized in unscientific theories, and Werner Herzog, a German director and screenwriter.