Friday 23 June 2017

Elizabeth Olsen

Elizabeth Olsen, whose full name is Elizabeth Chase Olsen is an American actress. She was born and raised in Sherman Oaks, California on February 16, 1989. Olsen was graduated from Campbell Hall School in North Hollywood and started her career in acting at a very young age. Initially she made small role debuts in her sisters' films. Later in 2013, Olsen was also proposed for the BAFTA Raising Star Award. One of her rewarding role was in Legendary's reboot Godzilla, starring Bryan Cranston and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Some of her best-known works are in Avengers, Captain America: Civil War and Silent House.

Elizabeth Olsen Religion

Elizabeth Olsen decided to be an atheist when she was 13 years old and has been an atheist ever since. In that sheer young age, she was very clear that she didn't believe in God anymore and that she wanted to be an independent women who isn't restricted by a religion which would determine women's freedoms.

Elizabeth Olsen Political Views 

Olsen is a women's right activist. She also gave strong remarks about how a women should be free about her sexuality and how they shouldn't be confined to the rules of the society. Elizabeth believes in women empowerment and contributes her part of help for it.

Who is he/she dating?

Elizabeth Olsen is currently single. Olsen relationship history has been very short. She always kept her personal life very private but what to be known is she was engaged to Boyd Holbrook for an year in 2014. After her split in 2015, there were rumors about her hook ups with Tom Hiddleston and Chris Evans.

Elizabeth Olsen Hobbies

Elizabeth enjoys occasional horseback riding and spends most of her time using her beauty products. She likes reading and to play sports like football and volleyball. She is a big fan of Rilo Kiley and loves to listen to their music in her leisure.

Interesting Facts

An entire fashion line is named after her by her sisters.

She auditioned for spy kids and was later rejected for that part.

She went by the name "Elizabeth Chase" and several other names in high school to avoid the lime light because of her famous older sisters.

Olsen opted for ballet and singing lessons as a child.

She made public statements about how she got her own break into Hollywood without any help from her older established sisters.

She had a little love story back when she was studying in Russia, which unfortunately couldn't last long when she came back to United States because of the distance.