Wednesday 6 January 2021

Susan Lucci Divorce

Susan Lucci, the American actress, is rumoured to be in preparation for filing a divorce petition from her husband Helmut Huber. There is no any confirmation regarding the same, but their fans and critics are eagerly waiting to listen to any statement made by the couple. The actress was living a happily married life with her Austian-born chef and food-service manager for a period of more than fifty years.

         Lucci, known for her appearance as Erica Kane in the ABC day time soap opera “All My Children” from 1970 to 2011, was born on 23rd December 1946 at Scarsdale in New York. More than an actress, she is a television host, author and entrepreneur. It was on 13th September 1969 that she got married to Helmut Huber. The couple shares a daughter Liza Huber, who happens to be a popular actress as her mother, and Andreas Huber, a golf player.

Huber and Lucci met for the first time at the Garden City Hotel, where the Austrian born chef worked as the executive chef and Lucci as a waitress there, after her college graduation. Lucci was not so impressed with her boss initially, as he was nine years older than her. However, Huber admitted after many years in an interview that he had a “Wow!” moment when he first saw Lucci. Huber was married earlier, but was single after getting divorced from that marriage. 

The unexpected thing in their relationship happened very soon. Lucci’s parents arranged an engagement party, which was planned to celebrate at the same Garden City Hotel. Lucci’s mother, knew that her boss, the executive chef was there, she invited Huber also to the party. Huber was initially hesitant in attending the function, but his decision to go there was a life changing step in the lives of both Lucci and Huber. 

It was at that instance that Lucci thought about Huber. She had the strange feeling that something is not right. She thought, ‘why am I looking at another man when my future husband is right beside me.’ Lucci, reveals in her autobiography that it was the moment of realisation that she has to break the engagement; that he was not the guy. At the same time, Huber told Lucci’s mother that ‘she needs a man, not a boy’.

Susan Lucci published her autobiography in the year 2011, in the name ‘All My Life’, almost completely after the soap opera that made her famous, ‘All My Children’. Huber and Lucci started dating a short time after cancelling her engagement, and Huber had expressed his desire to marry her from the early days itself, which was initially denied by the actress-entrepreneur. Three months after they started dating, she agreed for the proposal of Huber, which resulted in a marriage that lasted for about half a decade. 

They got married in 1969 in a star-studded environment with the blessings of their parents. Lucci and Huber believes that they are the perfect pair, and always remains as a great support for each other. There are news that they are getting divorced, but it remains an unknown matter as neither the parties has not reacted to the same.