Wednesday 6 January 2021

Scottie Pippen Divorce

Scotty Maurice Pippen, whose name is usually spelled as Scotty Pippen, popular as the American former professional basketball player, is currently single according to reports. His love life includes two marriages and divorces, and also relationships with a number of other women. He is one among the most important players of the Bulls team into a championship team, along with Michael Jordan, and also in popularizing NBA around the world, and converting it into a sports with a huge amount of fans. 

Pippen was married two times, both of which ended in divorce. He was initially married to Karen McCollum, with whom he led a married life for only two years. He was alleged to be in another relationship at the same time when he was the husband of McCollum. The one and only child for the couple, Antron Pippen, was born in 1987, way before the marriage of his parents. Pippen and McCollum decided to start their married life only a year after the birth of their son. They split up after two years of marriage, and eventually Pippen got diverted to another relationship. His divorce petition from McCollum got finalized in the same year, in 1987.

Even though he married only twice, Pippen has kids from other relationships too. He was dating the famous model Sonya Roby sometime around 1993, and soon the couple announced about the arrival of their children, twins. They were blessed with two kids Tyler and Taylor on 20th July 1994, but Taylor died nine days after his birth. It was at the same time when Pippen decided to leave them, but Roby fought for the rights of her kid, and Pippen ended up in agreeing to provide her a huge amount of compensation. 

Pippen was also involved in a romantic relationship with Yvette De Leon, who later gave birth to Pippen’s baby girl on 17th February 1995, Sierra Pippen. Some months after the birth of their child, Leon filed a lawsuit against Pippen pointing the domestic violence from his side. Pippen refused to give any compensation initially, but the powerful resistance from Leon’s side made him to fail in the case and had to provide a huge amount of money. 

He later met Larsa Younan, the aspiring model and actress, and also a participant of the Real Housewives of Miami. She was really young when she met Pippen, and was 9 years younger to him. In contrast to all other relationships of Pippen, his married life with Younan was a long one. They got married on the year 1997. He named a boat he bought as ‘My Larsa’, in the name of his love towards Larsa. However, he decided to end their relationship 21 years after the marriage. He filed for divorce in 2016, but the couple later reconciled. But after two years, the couple took a joint decision to choose separate paths and filed for divorce.  They described the process to be painful, but a requirement. There were rumors that the divorce is happening because of Larsa’s relationship with Future, the Rapper, which is not yet confirmed by either the parties. However, the couple has decided to take the joint custody of their four children.