Thursday 8 October 2020

Tracy Morgan and Megan Wollover Divorce

On 29th July 2020, comedian and actor Tracy Morgan and actress, producer Megan Wollover announced that they are going to get separated. The reason for the split is not known, but their fans were not expecting such news after five years of their marriage life. 

The news of separation was revealed to the media by Tracy Morgan, through one of his spokesperson. He said that the current situation is a challenging one for both Wollover and him, but have to cope up with it, as it is an inevitable part of life. He also requested the media and his fans to remain calm, and to respect the family's privacy. 

It was in August 2015 that Morgan and Wollover tied the knot. Wollover had announced about their engagement in September 2012, but later in 2013, Morgan met with an accident, which was near-fatal. He lost his friend James McNair, the comedian in the accident, which was happened as a Walmart truck hit Morgan's limousine on New Jersey. He was bed-ridden for five months, and continuous therapy and love form his dear ones helped him to recover fast.

 It was in year 2011 that Tracy Morgan and Megan Wollover first met, in a blind date. They were matched by a mutual friend, and that led to a beautiful love story. Before meeting Wollover, Morgan was married to Sabina Morgan, his childhood sweetheart, with whom he separated in year 2009. Later in 2015, Morgan told PEOPLE that the first thing that he told Wollover in the date was that “you are going to be my wife.” He stated that it was the first thought he had in his mind on seeing her, and has frankly told her so. 

The couple had decided to get engaged in the year 2011 itself. He proposed Wollover in San Francisco, by getting down on one knee. In 2013, the pair announced that they are expecting their first child, and requested everyone to wish them a happy and healthy baby, and a safe delivery for Wollover. Their daughter, Maven Sonae was born on 2nd July 2013. He also shares sons Gitrid, 34, Malcom, 32, and Tracy Jr., 28 with his ex-wife Sabina Morgan. 

It was in June 2014 that Morgan met with the accident in which he lost his friend James McNair, and remained bed-ridden for almost six months. He shared his love and gratitude towards everyone that took care of him including his wife Wollover, sons and daughters, and all his dear ones who prayed for him. Fourteen months after the accident, Morgan married Wollover. The couple decided to get married some time ago, but as Morgan didn’t wanted to “walk my wife down the aisle” with the help of a cane of a wheelchair, the marriage happened in 2015. 

In July 2020, nearly after five years of marriage, the couple came to an amicable decision to get separated, and has asked for the shared custody of their daughter Maven Sonae. Morgan is famous for his appearance on 30 Rock, a Saturday Night Live production.