Monday 21 September 2020

Taron Egerton

Taron David Egerton, a Welsh actor and singer, was born on 10th November, 1989, at Birkenhead, England. His father is a musician and mother is a social worker. He was born in England and had only one Welsh grandparent, but still he considers himself to be Welsh “through and through”. 

His acting debut was through an ITV series Lewis. Later, he worked in another series too and got to do the role of Gary “Eggsy” Unwin in the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service and its sequel, Kingsman: The Golden Circle. He worked in several biopics including Testament of Youth (2014), Legend (2015), Eddie the Eagle (2016), and Rocketman (2019). Egerton won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor-Motion Picture Musical or Comedy for his role in the movie Rocketman. 

Taron Egerton Religion

Egerton is Christian according to his religion. Apart from that, no information is available regarding his religion or religious views, as he is hesitant to talk about his religion. It is not known whether he practises his religious customs or not. 

Taron Egerton Political Views

Egerton is supportive of activist causes. He is in favour of empowerment of women, and has shown support for the LGBT community as well. He is a heterosexual, but is happy to raise voice for the LGBT community. He is of the opinion that “there is still work to be done”, in case of gay representation in Hollywood. He is an ambassador of a Motor Neuron Disease Association. He host a grandmother to motor neuron disease in childhood. 

It is safe to assume that Egerton is not so interested in political issues. He has not stated anything about the political circumstances around him yet. 

Who is he dating?

Egerton is currently dating the assistant director Emily Thomas. They are together since 2016, and have appeared in several award ceremonies and functions as a couple. They broke up in the year 2018, but again got reunited by the end of the year 2019. 

Taron Egerton Hobbies

He is a great lover of artistic works. He used to draw pictures and make sculptures during his childhood and teenage years. Later, he lost the interest to make it as a passion and was moved to acting. He still loves to draw and sculpt. 

It can be said that he is making a bridge between his childhood passion and his profession, by giving voice to characters in animation movies. 

Interesting Facts

    • His first name, Taron is the variation of ‘Taran’, which means ‘thunder’ in Welsh language. 

    • He voiced Johnny the gorilla in the animation film Sing in the year 2016. 

    • Egerton prefers an “umbrella in the rain” kind of romance more than that of the dating app romance. 

    • He once admitted in an interview that he is scared of dogs, and preferred a cat more than his dog companion in the movie, “Kingsman: The Secret Service”. 

    • He auditioned for giving voice for the lead role in the 2014 comedy movie Paddington. 

    • He did the title role in Robin Hood, but he is not a fan of the character.