Thursday 17 September 2020

Sarah Bolger

Sarah Bolger is an Irish actress. She was born on 28th February, 1991 in Dublin, Ireland. She is the daughter of Derek Bolger and Monica Bolger. She is currently featuring in Mexican-American crime drama television series Mayans M.C. It first aired in 2018 and is running for 2 years now. She has also starred in many other TV shows and movies such as The Tudors, The Spiderwick Chronicles, A Good Woman Is Hard To Find, The Moth Diaries, Into the Badlands, As Cool as I Am, and Once Upon a Time, to mention only a few of them. She has been nominated many times and also won several awards such as Shooting Stars Award from Berlin International Film Festival for “Herself” and Actress in a Supporting Role-Television from Irish Film and Television Awards for “The Tudors”. 

Sarah Bolger Religion

Sarah Bolger is a Catholic. She believes in Catholicism which happens to be the largest denomination of Christianity. Therefore, we can also call her a Christian. She had a Catholic upbringing and has a very deep faith in God. She is very dedicated to and involved in her local Catholic church. She stated that her parents are not such strict Catholics but she decided to follow her faith, hold onto it and always kept it up. Moreover, she is a minister of the Eucharist at the church in Rathfarnham. She became a minister of the Eucharist when she was only 17 years old. She admits that her grandmother was very religious and this influenced her to follow her footsteps. Furthermore, she also has blessed hands. She got her hands blessed by the priest to give out Holy Communion at Mass. Also, she never misses to attend Sunday Mass. She belongs to the Irish ancestry. 

Sarah Bolger Political Views 

Unlike her religious beliefs, she does not talk openly about her political views and opinions in public and always keeps it away from the limelight. The general public and the media do not know about her actual thoughts, views and opinions. It is better we do not assume and wait for the 29 years old Irish actress to make any revelations about herself.

Who is she dating? 

She is currently in a relationship with English actor Julian Morris. They started dating in the year 2012 and are together for 8 years now. Prior to Julian Morris, she was also in a relationship with British actor Freddie Highmore. 

Sarah Bolger Hobbies 

There are many hobbies and activities which she enjoys and likes to do. She loves to do activities such as reading, photography, learning, travelling, and internet surfing, to name a few of them.

Interesting Facts

Her father is a butcher by profession and her mother is a housewife. 

She has a younger sister named Emma Bolger who is an actress too.

She acted with her real life sister in a film where both of them played the role of two sisters.

She grew up in the south country Dublin suburb of Rathfarnham.