Monday 21 September 2020

Michelle Monaghan

Michelle Lynn Monaghan, the American actress was born on 23rd March 1976, at Iowa, U.S. She is the daughter of Sharon Hammel and Robert Monaghan, a factory worker. She stared modelling after graduation, and went to Milan, Singapore, Tokyo and Hong Kong, as well as the United States. 

Her first television appearance was in a supporting role in Young Americans (2000). After doing a number of supporting roles in television series and films, she did notable roles in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Gone Baby Gone, Pixels, Mission: Impossible series, and a number of other films. She received Golden Globe Awards nomination for her performance in the crime drama series True Detective (2014).

Michelle Monaghan Religion

She has Irish and German ancestry. She is Catholic by religion. She recently said in an interview that she was brought up as a “fairly religious Catholic”. She also admitted that questions related to her beliefs aroused in her mind, as she approached her teenage years. They were like, “What is the need of a priest to absolve my sins when I have a direct line to God myself?” 

It is safe to assume that Monaghan is quite religious, but does not likes to be a strong follower of the same. 

Michelle Monaghan Political Views

Monaghan does not seems to be part of any political party or any particular representative. But as most of the Hollywood celebrities, she also supports the Democratic Party, and has talked in favour of the Democratic candidate Hilary Clinton in the election time. 

She once stated about the #MeToo movement that, “We have responsibility as women to do whatever is in our power to ensure that this kind of behaviour stops. I’ll never roll my eyes at the movement.” Thus, it can be assumed that she is open to new and innovative movements, as well as supports the development of the society. 

Who is she dating?

Michel Monaghan is married to Australian graphic artist Peter White, and have three kids. Monaghan met White at a party in the year 2000. Later in 2005, they got married in Port Douglas, Queensland. 

Other than Peter White, no information regarding the relationships of Monaghan is not available, since she normally prefers to keep her personal life low-key.

Michelle Monaghan Hobbies

Monaghan has hobbies which are mostly adventures or sports related ones. She likes hiking, biking and working out in the gym, which is normally a tedious job in case of most people.

She also likes to gather knowledge, and for that, she usually makes use of books, and sometimes internet browsing too.

Interesting Facts

    • She has a “Class A” driver’s license, with which she can drive an 18-wheeler truck. 

    • Monaghan revealed that she has skin cancer in the year 2011. It was a mole in her back that looked suspicious and made her to diagnose for the disease. Later she said that the mole has removed and there is no threat of cancer anymore. 

    • The American actress prefers natural cosmetic products over the artificial ones.