Monday 21 September 2020

Lily Collins

Lily Jane Collins, is an English-American actress, model and writer, born on 18th March, 1989 at Surrey, England. She is the daughter of Phil Collins, the English musician and Jill Tavelman. 

She started writing articles for famous magazines from a very young age, and later in movies, she proved that she has excellent acting skills too. Collins did leading roles in movies like Priest, Abduction, Mirror Mirror, Stuck in Love, The English Teacher and in television and web series like Les Miserables, Tolkien, etc. 

She got nominated for Golden Globe Awards, won the New Hollywood Film Award, and many other notable awards too. Lily Collins become an author through her first book, Unfiltered: No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me, released in the year 2017.

Lily Collins Religion

Collins has Christian and Jewish ancestry, through her parents, but does not seem to be following any of them. 

At the time of Japanese earthquake and Tsunami, she said that her “thoughts and prayers” will be with the victims, which can be considered for her belief in God. But possibility remains that it was just an expression used as a part of the speech. 

However, it is safe to assume that Lily Collins is kind of non-religious, or at least she does not want to discuss about religion out in public. 

Lily Collins Political Views

Similar to her religious views, Lily Collins is not so expressive about her political views too. She seems to be not too bothered about the present circumstances of either United States or United Kingdom. She was raised up in America, but she considers her birth place, United Kingdom as her home. 

In the initial years of her career, she was the one to report the American election of Presidential election for the kid’s TV Show. Collins was really happy to report about the inauguration as it was done by Barack Obama, U.S. President at that time. 

It is safe to assume that Lily Collins is not interested in politics that much, but is a Democrat by her actions. 

Who is she dating?

From the year 2009 to 2010, Lily Collins dated stuntman Riley Harper. Late in 2011, she was in a relationship with actor Taylor Lautner, who was her co-actor in Abduction.  

Lily Collins got into a relationship with the American actor Zac Efron in 2012. She was dating Jamie Campbell Bower in early 2012, but got broke up soon. But in 2015, the couple got together again, but split later that year. Campbell and Collins starred together in the series The Mortal Instruments. 

On August 2019, Lily Collins confirmed her relationship with director Charlie McDowell, and presently it is assumed that the couple is together. 

Lily Collins Hobbies

The English-American actress is not expressive about her hobbies and passion, other than acting. She likes acting very much. In an interview, she has stated that she likes to do swimming and shopping along with her close friends or family in free time. 

Also, as she is a well-versed writer, it can be assumed that she likes to write and read too. 

Interesting Facts

    • She debuted on-screen at the age of two in the BBC series, Growing Pains. 

    • Collins is the half-sister of actress Joely Collins and musician Simon Collins.