Monday 21 September 2020

Daniel Craig

Daniel Wroughton Craig, the English actor was born on 2nd March 1968 at Cheshire, England. He is the son of Carol Olivia, an art teacher, and Timothy John Wroughton Craig, a midshipman in the Merchant Navy. 

He started acting in school plays, when he was six years old, and later got graduated from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. He had his first screen role as an Afrikaner in The Power of One, in the year 1992, and attracted attention after doing movies like Sharpe’s Eagle, Our Friends in the North, Some Choices, Munich, etc. He rose to prominence after appearing in the James Bond Movie franchise, which includes Casino Royale (2006), which earned a BAFTA Award nomination. 

Daniel Craig Religion

He has English, Welsh, and distant French Huguenot ancestry. Considering the religion of Daniel Craig, much details are not available, but in an interview after the premiere of the film Skyfall in 2012, he faced a question that whether he is a believer or not. His answer that he is an atheist, without giving any more explanations. But he has stated that he is not a church-goer, but he finds religion fascinating since it has the power to make great impact on human life. 

It is safe to assume that the Bond star does not like to discuss his personal beliefs and customs out in the public.

Daniel Craig Political Views

Craig is liberal about politics. He hates most of the politicians, except Barack Obama. He once said that politicians are different from actors, because “they’ll turn around and stab you in the back”. He has criticised Tony Blair, for his bad deeds, and respects American actor George Clooney for being a liberal political spokesperson. 

He supports Obama to a great extent, as he feels positive after a very long time about politics. He also has raised his voice for racial equality by saying, “if we can have a black US President, we can have a black James Bond”.

Craig has also expressed his opposition to Brexit. 

Who is he dating?

Daniel Craig married actress Fiona Loudon in the year 1992. The couple had a daughter named Ella, but they got divorced in 1994. He began a relationship with German actress Heike Makatsch in 1997, which ended after seven years in 2004. In the year 2005, he dated film producer Satsuki Mitchell. They separated in 2010. 

He married actress Rachel Weisz in New York on June 2011, after dating for one year. They had their first child together, in 2018. 

Daniel Craig Hobbies

He lists several activities as his hobbies, including reading and acting. He also loves going to pub and drink. He once stated that he is afraid that the number of pubs he can visit is limited, as he is famous. 

He also likes listening music and working out in the gym.

Interesting Facts

    • Craig is the shortest actor to play the role of James Bond. He is 5’11” long. 

    • He has hoplophobia: fear of guns. 

    • He was voted as the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ in 2006, in a poll conducted by the condom brand Durex.