Monday 21 September 2020

Charles Stanley

Charles Frazier Stanley, the Pastor Emeritus of First Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, was born on 25th September 1932, at Virginia, U.S. he became a ‘born-again Christian’ at the age of 12. He began his life’s work in the Christian ministry at the same year. He has completed Master of Divinity degree, Master of Theology, and Doctor of Theology degrees. 

He joined the First Baptist Church of Atlanta in 1969. He launched a religious television program called The Chapel Hour in the year 1972. Stanley founded In Touch Ministries in 1982, which uses tools like radio, television, magazines and digital media to advance the Gospel into the common people. The program In Touch With Dr. Charles Stanley currently broadcasts over 50 languages world-wide. 

Stanley was elected as the president of the Southern Baptist convention in 1985. His writings and broadcasts have admirers all over the world, as they deal mostly with topics like finances, parenting, personal crises, emotional matters, and relationships. He announced Anthony George as his successor in 2017, and announced his retirement as a senior pastor in 2020. 

Charles Stanley Religion

As it is known, he is Christian by religion, Southern Baptist in particular. He led a very religious life throughout these years and is still keeping his religious principles strong. He has stated in an interview that it was his faith in God that kept him strong during the struggles in his life, especially when he had to face the divorce from his wife, Anna Stanley

He has faced a lot of controversies during his lifetime in the name of God, but still starts and ends his day by praying to God. 

Charles Stanley Political Views

The former president of Southern Baptist is not so expressive in political matters, but he has expressed his discomfort in Barack Obama being the president of America. He has once stated that Obama will lead the country to Socialism, which he describes as chaotic. 

Who is he dating?

Stanley got married to Anna Johnson Stanley in year 1958, and the couple has two kids, Andy Stanley and Becky Stanley. Anna filed for divorce from Stanley in 1993, following their separation in 1992. After several years of conflicts, Anna Stanley and Charles Stanley got divorced in the year 2000. Anna Stanley died on November 2014. 

Charles Stanley Hobbies

Most of the hobbies of Stanley are great contributions to the In Touch Ministries. He has written a number of books, related to his principles and ideas in life, which also defines him as a good reader. He has a great collection of many classic books. His most popular books include How to Listen to God, How to Handle Adversity, and The Gift of Forgiveness. 

He also is a great photographer, and most of his works are published in the In Touch magazines, and in the ministries’ In Touch wall and desk calendars. 

Interesting Facts

    • He was given the book Think and Grow Rich, when he joined the First Baptist Church of Atlanta. He later said that he used to read the book every year and applied the principles in his life.