Monday 21 September 2020

Bryce Dallas Howard

Bryce Dallas Howard, the American actress and film maker was born on 2nd March 1981, at California, U.S. She is the daughter of writer Cheryl Howard and actor-director Ron Howard. She started to take part in acting from an age of seven itself, as an extra in her father’s movies. 

Her breakout role was through the psychological thriller The Village (2004), directed by M. Night Shyamalan. She also acted in Lady in the Water (2006), and As You Like It (2006) in that period, and she got nominated for the Golden Globe Award for her character in As You Like It. Howard did notable roles in Spider-Man 3 (2007), Terminator Salvation (2009), The Help (2011), Jurassic World (2015), and its sequel in 2018, and also in the Elton John biopic Rocketman (2019). 

Howard has directed a TV drama film Call Me Crazy: A Five Film (2013), a documentary Dads (2019), etc. 

Bryce Dallas Howard Religion

Howard is Christian by religion. She was raised as Christian from a very young age. But she has not opened up much about her spiritual side, like whether she still follows Christianity or not. 

Once in an interview, when asked about her spirituality, she revealed that she was so addicted towards existentialism, in a way that she wanted to make it as her religion. Existentialism is the philosophical enquiry that explores the nature of existence by emphasizing on the human subject. Howard said that she had never felt a connection to any sort of spirituality before that. She felt the link because we are responsible for our choices, which was mind-blowing for her. 

Bryce Dallas Howard Political Views

Howard is not so expressive regarding her views in politics. She normally prefers to keep her opinion to herself, except one time. She posted a picture of herself with the badge saying “I voted”, along with a hashtag saying “I am with her”, during the U.S presidential elections. It’s not clear who the “her” is, but it is rumoured that she referred the Democratic Party candidate Hilary Clinton.  

Who is she dating?

Howard started dating actor Seth Gabel in the year 2004, during which she was studying at New York University. Later in June 2006, they got married. The couple were planning to have kids at their 30’s but she realized about her pregnancy few days after the marriage. Howard gave birth to their first child Theodore, in 2007. They have a daughter also, named as Beatrice, born in 2012.

Bryce Dallas Howard Hobbies

She was brought up in a countryside village, and she always has showed her likeness towards nature. She likes to do adventures and go into the forest and explore the nature. 

Interesting Facts

    • Actor Henry Winkler is her godfather, who co-starred with her father in Happy Days. 

    • She once revealed that actor Tom Cruise had babysat her and her siblings a number of times, as Cruise was their family friend. 

    • She left the New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts while studying there for three years, and later completed the degree in 2020. 

    • She is one among the celebrities who has opened up about their experiences of post-partum depression.