Monday 3 August 2020

Geoffrey Rush

Geoffrey Roy Rush AC, the Australian actor was born on 6th July 1951 at Queensland, Australia, as the son of Merle and Roy Baden Rush. He worked in the Australian stage debuting in Broadway, which lead to his achievement of a Tony Award for Best Actor in a Play for Exit the King.

The Australian film released in the year 1981, Hoodwink was his debut film. His notable role is Captain Barbossa in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. He has acted in movies like Elizabeth, Les Miserables, Frida and The Book Thief. Rush achieved several awards including British Academy Film Awards, Golden Globe Awards, etc.

Geoffrey Rush Religion

There seems to be no references regarding the religion or religious beliefs of the Australian actor. Rush’s parents are of English, Irish, Scottish and German ancestry. And he grew up in a conservative family as per the records, which shows that he is probably a Christian. But it is unknown if he is still following the traditions or customs of his religion.

Geoffrey Rush Political Views

The case about political views of Geoffrey Rush is same as his religious views itself. He has not expressed anything about his views on the present political scenario in his native country Australia, or any other country that he is familiar of.

The legal case that is related to Rush is his defamation case, which is said to hurt him so badly. There was newspaper reports saying that he harassed sexually his co-star Eryn Jean Norvill. But the court ruling was in support of Rush that he is innocent.

Who is he dating?

Geoffrey Rush married actress Jane Menelaus in the year 1988. The couple has a daughter Angelica, and a son James. Rush, along with his wife, is presently living in Melbourne, Australia.

There was times when Rush had to face defamation cases. In the year 2017, a Sydney tabloid newspaper reported that Geoffrey Rush he sexually harassed his co-star in during the Sydney Theatre Company’s King Lear. Rush denied the allegations against him, and he filed a defamation suit, claiming that the allegations were wrong. The trial concluded in 2018 and the judge ruled that Rush is innocent.

Geoffrey Rush Hobbies

He is an individual with great experience and talent from his years of life and career. He is interested in reading, which is evident from his selection of films in which he acts and the words that he say in public. He has acted in several films which are adaptations of classic books.

Rush had once said in an interview that he likes travelling very much. The Australian star, who has an important place in the Hollywood has a lot of chance for travelling, as his wish is.

Interesting Facts

    • Geoffrey Rush is one among the 24 people who have won the Triple Crown of Acting: Academy Award, Primetime Emmy Award and Tony Award.
    • Rush appeared in special edition postage stamps featuring Australia’s internationally recognised stars.
    • He starred as Albert Einstein in National Geographic’s anthology series, Genius in 2017.