Monday 31 December 2018

Dr. Phil Divorce

Dr. Phil and Debbie Divorce
If you are wondering by the name of, 'Dr. Phil' about the popular talk show, then you are right. He is the same funny and witty man to tickle our ribs and provoke our minds through his lunch stapled talk show. His life has been an open book but what is hidden surely comes out and here it is his ex wife Debbie Higgins McCall.

It surely is a shocker to those who knew Robins, his current wife always seated among the audience of his show to show support for her husband. Yes! He has a wife earlier named by Debbie, whom he married when he was just 20. There have been a handful of stories of their divorce amongst one of them talks about the infidelity of Debbie and other has Debbie's version about Dr. Phil that he was a dominating spouse and denied Debbie to participate in family business. The poor lass according to herself, was completely domesticated. She also claims that Dr. Phil used to force her to loose weight.

Dr. McGraw started dating Robin Jo Jameson after annulation of marriage in 1973 and the couple finally tied the knot in 1976. They have two children named as Jay and Jordan. It seems hard to believe that a man, whose advice on anything is taken so seriously has had his own share of struggle through this divorce but his current marriage seems to have a peaceful aura. Robin always makes sure that she is always on the show without fail regardless of her being asked for the advice or not. Dr. Phil also considers this generous love of his wife and never fails to return it back many a times in public.

About Dr. Phil And Debbie

American television personality, author, psychologist and the host of his own show, Dr. Phil, is originally known as Phillip Calvin McGraw. His show is most popular one and he got this show due to his witty and astounding appearance in Oprah's show. According to theForbes, he is ranked as 15th most famous celebs of the world.

Debbie Higgins is ex wife of Dr. Phil and was also a cheerleader. She is also the editor and has edited, “The Fear Hunter”. She is currently living a single life and stays away from social media or any kind of controversy or affair.