Friday 28 December 2018

Boogie 2988 Divorce

Boogie 2988 and Deziree Divorce

Be it a celebrity or civil one, what makes both the weddings and divorces special is their announcements. Talking about a celebrity wedding or divorce, people are always all ears to get even a tidbit of update. Amidst such fast pacing and ever evolving technology, if the announcement comes through youtube and twitter, talks are surely going to be hyped. Famous youtube video games vlogger, Steven Jay Williams who is better known as Boogie or Boogie2988 has set a trend by announcing his split with his 5 years old wife, Deziree.

As if splitting after so many years was not enough, the celebrity took it on social media and started tweeting, “Me and my wife had one major issue that was persistent throughout the entire marriage, and that was my anxiety disorder, my clinically diagnosed PTSD.” Instead of citing a clear and particular reason, the famous vlogger tweeted, “ “But more importantly, not just the disorder itself, but the stupid things that I would say and the stupid things that I would do when I was in the middle of a fight-or-flight attack.” The ever renowned youtuber has been suffering from severe obesity (500lbs) and also has chronic pain issues. Recently after going under a gastric bypass surgery, he again reconnected and announced it on twitter.” He further assured his fans by posting, “I’m healthier now, today, and dealing with this bad stuff today better than I would’ve a year ago with good news,” he said. “My brain and my body are better than they’ve ever been, and I love it, and I’m excited for it, and I just can’t wait to keep pushing forward to becoming the new me.”

He further announced his split while posting, “I am at the DMV and this is literally the worst thing that has happened to me all day. Which is surprising since I spent the morning at my lawyers office with my wife finalizing the terms for our divorce.”

Boogie seems to have been too serious for his youtube channel as he has always involved the audience in his personal life and has thus let them be a part of it. Birdies have it that the vlogger has posted an odd two minutes in the same way he posted his marriage proposal to Deziree. His trick seems to have keep the viewers feel connected. However there are some loopholes in this divorce viz staying in the same house. They also share a pup reportedly which was gifted by his wife.

About Boogie 2988

This fat beauty has been a YouTuber since 2006 and since then on, he never looked back. His general uploads are about video games and how he conquered them and much needed. HIs one video is more than 4 milion clicks.