Tuesday 31 July 2018

Celine Dion Divorce

Celine Dion & Rene Angelil Divorce 

After spending almost a lifetime in Hollywood of 20 years with a 26 years elder husband, Rene Angelil, the couple called it a closure. The main reason is rumoured to be communication breakdown. The couple so far was known for their indomitable spirit of fixing up things faster between them and thus ending the rift.

Some birdies are chirping the age difference between the two as the cause. Celine herself has stated, “ “When we were younger we were on the same wave length, but we both can agree the big age gap just leaves us out of tune and never on the same page, it has nothing to do with looks, after 20 years I’m still very attracted and love him, but both Rene and I both can agree that it’s just become way too tough for the both of us. He’s still my best friend!”

However the couple proved their mettle and strength of bond and stayed together. Celine met Rene when she was just 12 years and love sparked between them while working together. It began when Celine sent the recording of her first song to Angelil, who was a producer in Canada back then. Angelil made her sing in person and things started rolling since then. Her feelings for him started evolving at the age of sweet sixteen. Celine began dating him at the age of 19 while Angelil was 45 then.

Sadly, Rene who was battling cancer at the age of 73 finally breathed his last. Though he wanted to breathe his last in Celine's lap but unfortunately, she was at some concert and he collapsed inside his bedroom.

About Celine Dion & Rene Angelil

Celine, is a versatile personality since apart from being a singer, she also has a doctorate degree awarded by University Laval in Cubec city. She is the youngest of all her 14 siblings. She has also performed for Pope, when she was 16, at Montreal Olympic stadium. She also owns a Nickels and Grills bar along with four of her friends. The hot and happening singer is also multilingual, who knows five more languages i.e. French, Spanish, German, Japenese and English.

Rene Angelil is a Candian musical producer, talent manager & singer. His career began at Montreal as a pop singer and also gave platform to his second wife, Celine Dion (whom he married after divorcinghis first one). He formed a pop rock group named, “Les Bernots”, which was dismantled after almost 20 years. After the dissolution of the group, rene and one of his friends, Guy Cloutier, both began managing artists. Later they parted ways and became solo managers. Soon, he heard Celine's demo tape, and took over as her agent, putting the condition of steering her career all alone.

Rene kept on being the agent with all his grit and grace till 2014 and had to give up when he had to battle with cancer. The story of Celine and Rene has gone through many ups and downs but it lasted a lifetime with some crazy milestones.