Thursday 6 July 2017

Walter Stacy Keach

Born on June 2, 1941, Walter Stacy Keach is an American actor of theatre, stage and film. The roles played by him throughout his career have been drama oriented, law enforcement and private detective characters being the prominent ones. His most celebrated role has been Mickey Spillane's fictional detective Mike Hammer for which he was nominated at the Golden Globe Awards in 1984. He has also played the role of a narrator and has been a part of various educational programs. A television mini series Hemingway bagged him a Golden Globe Award and he was also nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award for the same.

Walter Stacy Keach Religion

Walter was born in Georgia, Savannah and followed the religion of his parents in the earlier part of his life. Later, he was arrested in 1984 for possession of cocaine and had plead guilty serving six months in prison. During his time at the prison, he had befriended a priest and had been so inspired by him that he converted to Roman Catholicism. At present, his belief in his religion is strong and intact.

Walter Stacy Keach Political Views

Walter Stacy Keach was not a politically active man. Though, in one phase of his life, he had backed the Vietnamese War and was also termed as a political activist. Later in his life, he was interview of the same and he responded that politics was never his niche and the expression of his views in the war situation was more of a reflection of of the ideologies of Judy Collins, who he was with at that time.

Who is Walter Stacy Keach dating?

Walter had been married four times. His first wife was Kathryn Baker who he married in 1964, Second wife was Marilyn Aiken in 1975 , Third wife was Jill Donahue in 1981 and he is currently married to Malgosia Tomassi who he got married to in 1986.  

Walter Stacy Keach Hobbies

Walter was an enthusiast of theatre. His contribution to Music, Films and Television is immense both as an actor as well as a narrator. His music abilities and clarity in English which he practiced on over the years makes him the versatile artist he is today.

Interesting Facts

Walter was born with a cleft lip and partial cleft palate and underwent several surgeries as a child. His trademark moustache hides his scars. He has also received a Fulbright Scholarship to study at London Academy of Music and Drama Art.