Thursday 20 July 2017

Vincent Price

Vincent Price with birth name as Vincent Leonard Price Jr. is an American actor.He was born on May 27,1911 in St.Louis,Missouri,U.S to Vincent Leonard Price,Sr.and Marguerite Price.His father was the President of the National Candy Company and his mother was homemaker.He was active in field from 1935 to 1993.He went to St.Louis Country Day School.He was known for his role in House of Wax in 1953.He made his debut in 1983 by playing a role in Service de Luxe.

Then he acted in a number of films like Towers of London,Green Hell,Brighman Young,Hudson Bay,Wilson,Laura,A Royal Scandal,Shock,The Web,The Long Night,Moss Rose,The Bribe,His Kind of Women,Dangerous Mission,The Mad Magician,The Fly,The Big Circus,The Bat,Spirits of Dead.Madhouse,The Butterfly Ball,Escapes,Catchfire.

He also acted in TV shows which includes A Christmas Carol,Summer Theatre,Crossroads,Have Gun-Will Travel,Batman,F Troop,Get Smart,Mod Squad,The Brady Bunch,Columbo,The Love Boat,Time Express,Tiny Toon Adventures,The Heart of Justice.

Apart from these he also get involved in Stage and radio performance such as The Lady Has A Heart,Heartbreak House,Outward Bound,Angel Street,Darling of the Day,Diversion and Delights, Suspence,Lux Radio Theatre,Hollywood Star Time,The Price of Fear.He died of Lung Cancer on October 25,1993 at Los Angeles,California,U.S.

Vincent Price Religion

Vincent Price was of English descent.He was born as Episcopalian and was following Catholic.

Vincent Price Political Views

Vincent Price seems hardly to have any leaning towards any political party as not much information is readily available.So it can be assumed that he may be a person who wants to keep his political views and ideologies as a secret,well away from the public media or a person who may not be interested in politics and like to be busy in his own work.

Who is he/she dating?

Vincent Price was married to Edith Barrett,an American film actress on 1938 and got divorced on 1948,they had one son named Vincent Barrett Price.After that he was married to Mary Grant Price,a costume designer on 1949 and got divorced on 1973.They had a daughter Victoria Price who was born on April 27,1962.Then he was married to Coral Browne,an Australian actress on 1974 and got divorced on 1991.

Vincent Price Hobbies

He was an art collector and was interested in cooking.He along with his wife Mary wrote a book about cooking titled as "A Treasury of Great Recipes" in 1965.

Interesting Facts

His nick name was The King of the Grand Guignol.He was nominated for 3 films.He won Life career award in 1986.He won Special Trustees award,International Fantasy Film Award, Special Mention Award and Star on the Walk of Fame.He also won the Career Achievement Award.He was the founder of the Vincent Price Art Museum in California.