Saturday 15 July 2017

Tamzin Merchant

Tamzin Merchant who was born on March 4,1987 in Sussex,England is an English film and TV actress.She went to Windlesham House school and Brighton College.She also lived in Dubai.She was known for her roles in the film Pride & Prejudice and in showtime series The Tudors. She's been active in the field since 2004.She also appeared in the music video "If You've Got the Money" and "Nobody's Empire".

Some of the films in which she involved are Radio Cape Cod,Jane Eyre,Second Wind, Copenhagen, The Dancer,The Messanger,Dragonheart:Battle for the Heartfire etc.Some of the TV shows in which she was involved are Casualty 1906,DCI banks,Red Faction:Origins,Bonekickers,My Family and Other Animals etc

Tamzin Merchant Religion

Tamzin Merchant's religious faith and belief are not known as she hardly issued any statements regarding her religious practices and belief system.So it may be assumed that she may be a non-religious person.

Tamzin Merchant Political Views

Tamzin Merchant seems not to have made any statements in support of any political party or about her political ideas.So it can be assumed that she may be a person who wants to keep herself away from active politics.

Who is he/she dating?

She seems to be single and unmarried.It seems that she was successful so far in keeping her personal life as a secret, away from the public as no information regarding her past or present dating relationships are available.

Tamzin Merchant Hobbies

Tamzin Merchant was the author of several poems like "Where Does Revenge Stop",Ode to a Toilet" etc.So it can be assumed that she might be involved in activities related to that mentioned above as not much details are available regarding her hobbies.

Interesting Facts

Tamzin Merchant is a patron of the charity "Build Africa"She gave a speech at an International Women's day event in 2013.She also acted in a few stage plays like Breakfast at Night,The 24hrs Plays,Cigarettes and Chocolate and Hay fever.