Friday 7 July 2017

Stephan Root

Stephan root is an American actor who has acted in numerous movies and television shows, mostly in the comedy and drama genre. He has also done voice overs in quite a few movies and shows. He got his first break in Hollywood through his debut in 'So Long on Lonely Street'. However, he bagged his first acting role in George A. Romero's cult horror classic 'Monkey Series' in 1988. Stephan is now a prominent and well known actor in the Hollywood and has acted alongside many big names. He is popular for the role of Jimmy James in TV sitcom NewsRadio and Milton Waddams in Office space. He is also known for his voiceovers of Bill Dauterive and Buck Stricland in King of the Hill.

Stephan Root's Religion

Root was born to Leona Estelle and Rolland Clair Root in Sarosota , Florida , U.S. Root is essentially an American. His father was a construction supervisor and as a result his family had to relocate frequently. University of Florida considers Root as one of it's distinguished alumni.

Stephan Root's Political Views

Stephan Root has a critical liking for his craft and intends to work in different genres. His political views and interests are not known. Neither has he spoken about it in the media.

Who is he dating?

Stephan Root married Romy Rosemont in the year 2008 before divorcing Laura Joan Hase in 1997. He has a son from his former marriage. Romy Rosemont, Root's second is also an American actress who has appeared in many TV shows. Root and she appeared on the fourth season of Fringe entitled ' And Those We've Left Behind'. The couple was due to appear in the horror film Red State which eventually dint work out.

Stephan Root's Hobbies

Root stated that he likes to watch TV shows and surprisingly  comedy is not something he really enjoys. Rather he watched Rubicon, a conspiracy plotted fiction on AMC. 
In 1999s root featured in a lot of comedy shows and movies and in the 2000s he consciously took a break from that genre and concentrated on drama roles. 

Interesting Facts:

Root originally auditioned for the role of Dale Gribble in King of the Hill. He is known to be a die hard gator fan. He has stated to have done a lot of theater before entering Hollywood which is probably the roots of his incredible craft. Root's goals as an actor is to do good work with good people and also to do different genres. Even though he has done a lot of roles in television,  Milton from Office Space is the most popular one while Jimmy James from News Radio being his favourite. Root has done cameos in a couple of films, True Blood, West Wing , Louie are few to name.