Monday 10 July 2017

Sacha Baron Cohen

Sacha Baron Cohen is an English actor, comedian, screenwriter and producer and was born on 13 October,1971. Sacha was born in Hammersmith, London to an Israeli mother and an English father. He is most popular for creating and portraying four characters: Ali G, Borat Sagdiyev, Bruno Gehard and Admiral General Aladeen. He has also appeared on Sweeney Todd (2007), Hugo (2011) and Les Miserables (2011).

Sacha Baron Cohen Religion

Sacha was raised in a Jewish background with relatives from his father's side being East European Jews. However he does not see himself as a religious Jew but is still proud of his Jewish identity and follows custom and tradition as well. He attends synagogue about twice a year and usually strives to keep kosher.

Sacha Baron Cohen Political Views

Baron Cohen spent a year in Israel volunteering and taking part in programmes for Jewish youth movement leaders. Baron Cohen is not conspicuous about his political interests or opinions and keeps this side of his personal and away from the eye of the public. He seems to have an inclination towards the oppressed situation of Jews in Israel and has made major contributions to ease the unruly situation in the middle east.

Who is he dating?

Baron Cohen first met his future wife, Isla Fisher at a party in Australia back in 2003. After a long relationship, the couple got married in 2010 through a Jewish ceremony in Paris, France. The couple has two daughters, Olive and Elula and a son, Montgomery.

Sacha Baron Cohen Hobbies

During his early years, Sacha worked as a fashion model for various fashion magazines in London. He has also acted in plays like Fiddler on the Roof  and played characters in theatre performances at Cambridge. He has also hosted TV shows on Windsor Cable television channels. Baron Cohen also donates and works with charities like Save the Children and International Rescue Committee to help underprivileged children and refugees. 

Interesting Facts

Sacha is fluent in both English and Hebrew.

He voiced King Julien XIII in the Madagascar film series.

Baron Cohen was given the Best Newcomer award at the British Comedy Awards function in 1999 for the 11 O'clock Show.

He is a graduate of History from Cambridge's Christ's College.