Sunday 23 July 2017

Mickey Rourke

Mickey is a veteran American actor, screenwriter, and retired boxer. His best-known movies have been The Wrestler, Sin City, Diner, Barfly, Desperate Hours, Wild Orchid, Iron Man, Rumble Fish, The Pope of Greenwich Village, 9 1/2 Weeks, Angel Heart, Get Carter, The Pledge, Once Upon A Time In Mexico, Man on Fire etc. Mickey has been laced with a multitude of coveted awards such as Boston Society of Film Critics Society Award, National Society of Film Critics, Saturn Awards, Chicago Fim Critics Award, Irish Film and Television Award, San Francisco Film Critics, San Diego Fim Critics, Toronto Fim Critics, Florida Fim Critics, Golden Globes Award, BAFTA, Scream Award, and Santa Barbara International Film Festival. 

Mickey Rourke Religion

Born in New York, Mickey is a Roman Catholic and regular practitioner of his faith. His father was of Irish and German descent while his mother has a Scottish, English, French, and German ancestry. 

Mickey Rourke Political Views

Michael is an avid supporter of Republican Presidents which shows his conservative ideology. He has expressed great admiration for President George W. Bush. In the 2016 Presidential election, he supported the candidacy of Ben Carson, calling Donald Trump, a bully. Rourke infamously is known for supporting the campaign seeking asylum in the US for Joe Doherty who was a Provisional member of Irish Republican Army. 

Who is he/she dating?

Rourke has been married twice, once to Debra Fuer and then to Carre Otis. He has also been in several high-profile relationships such as with Terry Farrell, Sasha Volkova, and Russian model Anastassija Makarenko.

Mickey Rourke Hobbies

Mickey regularly lends his voice to Video Games. A professional boxer and wrestler, Mickey is also a motorcycle enthusiast. Two extensive biographies have been written on him, namely Stand Alone: The Films of Mickey Rourke and Hollywood Outlaw: The Life of Mickey Rourke. Rourke is extremely fond of dogs and has participated in PETA events and announcements. 

Interesting Facts

Mickey has appeared in Japanese and Dutch commercials. 

He appeared in the "Hero" music video of Enrique Iglesias as a wrestler. 

He was once arrested for spousal abuse and other time for DUI charges at Miami Beach.

Rourke has undergone many plastic surgeries and has even been reported as being unrecognizable.