Wednesday 12 July 2017

Manu Bennett

Jonathan Manu Bennett is a New Zealand actor who was born on 10th October, 1969 at Rotorua, New Zealand. Gracing international covers such as Muscle and Fitness and Men's Health Manu Bennett is capturing the attention of filmmakers and fans with his extraordinary presence and talent. He is well known for his role as gallic Gladiator Crixus in  television series Spartacus. He has also appeared as an Orc commander in The Hobbit. He has also gain critical recognition by his role in The Shannara Chronicals in 2016. 

Manu Bennett Religion

His family immigrated to Australia when he was just a few months old. His mother was a Queensland beauty queen, father, an entertainer in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. He is of Maori (Te Arawa and Ngati Kahungunu), as well as English, Scottish, and Irish, ancestry. Bennett once said in an interview that his mother and brother were killed in a car accident which also put him in a coma for about two weeks, which explains a scar that he has.He follows Christanity. 

Manu Bennett Political Views

Manu is non political. He doesnt support ant political party. In September 2015, Bennett was arrested for misdemeanor assault in San Antonio, Texas, after he had punched a man while drunk at a hotel party. That incident shows that he is quite weak in making political contacts.

Who is he dating?

Manu Bennett and Israeli Karin Horen have three daughters together.Karen was his long lasting girlfriend from Israel.He has also mentioned that he was brought into acting by his girlfriend, who was a ballet dancer.Identity of that girlfriend he kept secret. Bennett found acting to be a medium to direct his emotions with. He is noted for saying that, “Acting was my route to survival.” Manu has three children with socialite Karin Horen. 

Manu Bennett Hobbies

Manu loved his gladiator character. He has performed same type of character with Lucy Lawless in two television series: Xena The warrior princess and Spartacus. He has quoted"It was like being sent to gladiator school. Like prison. The only things people respected were strength, being good at rugby, and being able to hold your own in a fight." He is a rough kind of guy and enjoys physical work type sports like rugby. Bennet was selected for the Rugby Union Team of New South Wales School. Bennett had a passion for modern dancing, classical ballet, and piano since his childhood. He later left the rugby team to attend university and study dance and drama. He then traveled to Los Angeles on a scholarship to attend the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute.

Interesting Facts

In September 2015, Bennett was arrested for misdemeanor assault in San Antonio, Texas, after he had punched a man while drunk at a hotel party.
He quit playing professional rugby in order to attend University where he studied drama and dance.
He was credited as 'Manu' Bennett in his role as Jack Hewitt on Short-land Street.
He attended the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute on a scholarship.
Manu is a New Zealand Maori name that means "bird". I was given this name after my uncle who was the Bishop Of New Zealand.