Sunday 2 July 2017

Lilly Wachowski

Liily Wachowski is a film producer, screen writer and film director who was born on 29th December 1967 at Chicago, Illinois, USA. Lily has two sibling and both are transgender. Lily was assumed to be their brother but in 2016 Lily came out as transgender and that was a shocking moment for all. Lily's birth name is Andrew Paul Wachowski. Andrew was son of businessman Ron and nurse Lynne. Andrew made his debut with her sister as director in movie Bound(1996). His second movie The Matrix(1999) and The matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolution were a great success. His other hits were V for Vendata (2005), Speed racer(2008), Cloud Atlas(2008) and Jupiter Ascending(2015).    

Lilly Wachowski Religion

Lily's father was of Polish descent and her mother had English, Scots-Irish, German, and French ancestry. He was suppressed by his family for all those years until a doorstep journalist approached him and motivated him to come out and speak out the reality. Tat is why lily can be assumed to be Christian. But she has broken all bounds and without fear came out and become liberal. 

Lilly Wachowski Political Views

Unlike her personal life Lily has not commented about politics ever but she has praised gay marriage and steps taken by US government in support of transgender and making their life easy so that they can be accepted by the society. She is quite liberal in her thoughts so she can be assumed to be a supporter of Democrats but publicly she has not accepted any of this. 

Who is she dating?

Andrew married to Alisa Blasingame since 1991. In 2016 Andrew came out as a transgender. Lily married to Alisa as being Andrew and kept her personal life a secret always. But she has supported transgenders throughout her life and makes positive comment too. 

Lilly Wachowski Hobbies

He is fond of writing. She and her sister have written a screenplay called "Carnivore". This script was critically acclaimed.  The script was one of the scripts on Empire magazine's "Twelve Greatest Unproduced Scripts In Hollywood" list. She loves to write comic books. 

Interesting Facts

He was raised as a son and until 2016 everyone considered him a male.
It is her trademark that when she shoots, she uses overhead shots when crowds of people enter a room.
She was ranked 23 in the premier's 2003 annual power 100 list with sister Lana.
Her production company name is Eon Entertainment. 
She cuts to new scene by focusing or entering an object.