Sunday 16 July 2017

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga with birthname as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta is an American singer,song writer and actress.She was born on March 28,1986 to Cynthia Lousie and Joseph Anthony Germanotta,Jr.,in Manhattan,New York, U.S.A.She's been active in the field since 2001.Gaga's vocal abilities were noticed by Akon and helped her to sign a joint deal with Interscope Records and KonLive Distribution in 2007.Gaga made a mark in the industry in her successful debut album "The Fame" in 2008 and singles "Just Dance" and "Poker face".Then again in 2009,she tasted success through her singles "Bad Romance","Telephone" and "Alejandro".

Again in 2011,She released her second album "Born this Way"which became an instant hit in USA and other 20 countries.Gaga's third album Artpop though attained the top place in the U.S Charts also have received mixed reviews.In 2013,Gaga released her fourth album Cheek to Cheek and then continued to release some more albums.As of 2016,she has sold an estimated 27 million albums and 146 million singles worldwide.She was also named as the Queen of Pop in a 2011 ranking.

Gaga admitted that she was raped at the age of 19 and underwent PTSD.With the support of her family,friends and Doctors she overcame that.Gaga also didn't have a very good school life as she was bullied by her peers.

Lady Gaga Religion

Lady Gaga was raised as a Catholic as her parents were active members of Roman Catholic Church in New York City.But in some statements,it seems that she has a belief that God is within everyone and thus one has to worship self.She also seems to against some religious institutions who are rigid in their thought process.

Lady Gaga Political Views

Lady Gaga seems hardly to have leanings towards any political party as not much information is readily available.So it can be assumed that she may be a person who wants to keep her political views and ideologies as a secret, well away from the public eyes or a person who may not be interested in politics.

Who is he/she dating?

It is rumored that Lady Gaga's new boyfriend is CAA talent agent Christian Carino.Before that she ended up her relationship with her ex-fiance Taylor Kinley.

Lady Gaga Hobbies

Lady Gaga is interested in writing Music,Designing Clothes,Playing Piano and Bowling.Apart from this she seems to do some welfare and humanitarian activities to the needy.

Interesting Facts

Lady Gaga headlined the Super Bowl LI halftime show in Feb 2017 which is considered to be the most viewed musical event in history.She is known by many nick names such as Loopy,The Germ,Mother Monster and Sucra.She got the stage name Lady Gaga from a song "Radio Ga-Ga"by Queen.Her favorite food is Pizza Pasta and Peach Cobbler.Her favorite book is "Letters to a Young Poet"by Rainer Maria Rilke.