Saturday 15 July 2017

Kevin Durand

Kevin Surge Durand was born on January 14, 1974. He is a Canadian Actor and Musician. He is famous for his roles in the movie The Strain. He portrayed the role of Vasily Fet. He is also popular for his roles in other movies such as Dark Angel, X-Men origins Wolverine, Edwin Boyde: Citizen Gangster. Durand is also famous on television for his acting in the hit TV series Lost. He played the role of Martin Keamy in the hit TV series and was praised by the audience for his acting skills. He played the role of antagonist in the TV series Lost in seasons 4 & 6.

Kevin Durand Religion

Durand is Canadian. People have often confused him with an Asian (as he looks a little bit Asian). He is of White Ethnicity. Kevin Durand practices Christianity. Not much is known by the press or media about Kevin Durand’s personal life. However, Kevin likes to stay fit and likes to do meditation. Kevin likes to keep his private life safe from others. 

Kevin Durand Political Views

Durand is Canadian and he prefers living in Canada, only coming to the United States to shoot. He hasn’t shown much interest in politics publically. He hasn’t made any comments about the election of US President Donald Trump (which was a controversial subject on its own). Kevin once met Barack Obama. This information is not sufficient to show that Durand aligns with a particular political party.

Who is he dating?

Kevin Durand has been dating his girlfriend Sandra Cho for a long time. The couple got married on October 1, 2010. Sandra Cho is an actor herself and is famous for movies like Cupid’s Arrow and Why Am I Doing This? The couple welcomed their daughter Amélie Moon Durand on August 30, 2015. Apart from Sandra Cho, Kevin Durand’s name hasn’t been linked with any of the other females. As mentioned earlier, Durand likes to keep his private life under wrap.

Kevin Durand Hobbies

Kevin Durand is passionate about his singing and spends a lot of his time in recording studios.

Interesting Facts

He has appeared twice on the silver screen with Hugh Jackman. He first appeared with him in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and then appeared in the movie Real Steel. Durand played the role of Blob in X Men Origins: Wolverine. Durand played the role of Ricky in Real Steel. He was nominated for Genie Award for his portrayal of Lenny Jackson in the movie Edwin Boyd: Citizen Gangster.