Sunday 9 July 2017

Julia Jones

Julia Jones who was born on January 23,1981 in Boston,Massachussetts,USA is an American actress.Even at her younger age,she started acting in commercials and local theatre.She is a Graduate in English from Columbia University.

She is well known for her appearances in Twilight Saga series and Ridiculous 6.She's been active in the film industry since 2003.Some of the films she got involved are The Look, Black Cloud, Hell ride, Three Priests,Jonah Hex,Missing Connections,Winter in the blood,Wind river,High School lover etc.Some of the TV shows in which she made appearances are ER, Longmire, In Plain sight etc.She also played a short film "The Reckoning" as Gina.

Julia Jones  Religion

As she is a part English and Choctaw-Chickasaw,one can assume that she may also have the same belief as that of Choctaw and believes in good and evil spirit.

Julia Jones Political Views

Julia Jones seems not to be well known for making statements regarding her political ideologies and her political stand.So it can be assumed that as for as supporting any political party is concerned,she was neutral.

Who is he/she dating?

Julia Jones is dating with Josh Randor since 2012.Prior to that she was married to her boyfriend Paul Johnson and got divorced.

Julia Jones Hobbies

Though the hobbies of Julia Jones are not much known,it can be assumed that she might have some interest in Ballet dancing through her statement in which she stated that "I don't think there's any better training than Ballet".Similarly in another statement she described herself as a nerd and a avid reader.

Interesting Facts

She won the Best Actress Award at FAITA Awards for her role in Black Cloud in 2004.From her own words,She is a real nerd and will not leave a book unfinished once she started it.Her Star sign is Aquarius.