Tuesday 4 July 2017

Jennifer Tilly

Jenifer Tilly is an American-Canadian actress and poker player who was born on 16th September, 1958 at Harbour city, California, USA. She gets her attention of public by being funny, sexy, compassionate and compelling. Her water Harry Chan was a car salesman and her mother Patricia was stage actress and Canadian school teacher. She was ladies event bracelet winner in World series of Poker. Her sexiest role got fame in movies Bullets over Broadway(1994), Let It Ride(1989), Made in america(1993), Bound(1996), Liar Liar(1997), Bride of Chucky(1998). 

Jennifer Tilly Religion

Her father was of Chinese descent and her mother was of Irish, First Nations and Finnish ancestry. she has Asian ethnicity. Her parents got divorce when she was 5 years old ans was raised by her mother and step father John Ward. She doesn't seem to be religious. But by some sources she is considered as Christian as per her upbringing indicates. 

Jennifer Tilly Political Views

Jennifer got typecast for her ability to play silly characters, but  Tilly is surprisingly smart in real life. Her IQ has been estimated at 120. But she seems to be noon-political. She is quite busy in enjoying her life at poker and even she doesn't keep in touch with daily political issues.

Who is she dating?

Jennifer was married to developer and producer of animated cartoon series The Simpsons, Sam Simon in 1984. The relationship was for 6 years only and they got divorced in 1991. Then in 2005 she became addicted to Poker and found a partner Phil Laak who is a professional poker player. The couple didn't married and are in live in relationship since 2005. They are living together in USA. Tilly doesn't have any children till now. 

Jennifer Tilly Hobbies

Jennifer is fond of poker. She is dating a professional player too since 2005. Tilly won the $1,000 Ladies' No Limit Hold'em and  the prize was $158,335.She won CardPlayer Best Celebrity Player of the Year, WPT Ladies Night Champion, WPT Bellagio Cup 5K. In a television interview in 2005, Tilly stated that at that point in her career she was more interested in pursuing poker than acting

Interesting Facts

Her sister is Meg  Tilly.
She has Voluptuous bombshell figure.
She has one cat named Corky.
Jeniffer has attended and graduated from Belmont High School in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
She is a keen lover of fashion and has 400 pairs of shoes.
When playing poker on television, Tilly often wears low-cut tops with push-up bras that expose lots of cleavage to "look cute", but is quick to add that "if people are really playing poker, they don't care. Nothing looks better to them than a pair of aces. They're not looking at your pair. They're looking at their pair.