Wednesday 5 July 2017

Harry Goaz

Harry Goaz

Harry Goaz, born as Harry Preston King on Dec 27, 1960, is an American actor hailing from Jacksonville, North California. He is best known for his role in TV drama series, Twin Peaks, as Deputy Andy Brennan as well as Sgt. Knight in the NBC series, Eerie Indiana. Goaz has a degree in the fine arts from the University of Texas, Austin and also studied acting under William Taylor at The Loft Studio in Los Angeles.

Harry Goaz Religion

Harry Goaz has not been explicit about any of his religious views nor has he displayed any indication of belief. Since Harry had experienced a brief period of post-partum, he is very private about any personal matters and hence does not comment on such issues.

Harry Goaz Political Views

Apparently not being vociferous about controversial issues like politics is Goaz's style. He tends not to publish any such views on social media and is someone who prefers to avoid the limelight even if it is about his book or acting career.

Who is he/she dating?

Harry Goaz is reportedly single as far as sources go. There have also not been any reports of any previous relationships, possibly due to his off-the-grid stint at his ranch where he spent a good part of his life before coming back to act in independent films as well as a recent episode of Twin Peaks.

Harry Goaz Hobbies

Harry Goaz enjoys spending time at his ranch Angel Lair with the animals. Goaz also spends a lot of his time reading, while travelling to and from L.A for the shoots of Twin Peaks. He enjoys peaks

Interesting Facts

Harry Goaz is now a staple of independent films like Steven Soderbergh's The Underneath.

Harry Goaz  suffered from a condition of the cerebellum where he had a severe imbalance in his auditory fluids which led him to choose a life on a ranch with animals. He spent about five years developing a morse code language that depended on neuronic transmissions between his body and the internal stimuli of free-roaming animals and was asked to speak about it at forums. He then went on to write a book Sugarboots, Any ideas?