Tuesday 11 July 2017

Genesis Rodriguez

Genesis Rodriguez with birthname as Genesis Rodriguez Perez is an American actress.She was born on July 29,1987 in Miami,Florida,USA to Jose Luis Rodriguez and Carolina Perez.She had taken classes in acting,dance and vocal preparation during her teenage.She  was best known for her roles in Dame Chocolate,The Last Stand,Big Hero.Apart from these she also acted in the films Identity Thief,Hours,Tusk,Run all Night and Delirium.

She also appeared in some of the TV shows which includes Prisionera,Entourage,Conan,Reel Junkie,Time after time.In Bravo Tv series "Top chef" she appeared as a Special Guest.

Genesis Rodriguez  Religion

Genesis Rodriguez's views regarding her religious belief and faith are not known.So one can assume that she like to keep her religious ideologies herself rather than making it public.Also one may hope that she doesn't have a very restrictive religious thought.

Genesis Rodriguez Political Views

Genesis Rodriguez's public statements in support of any political party was hardly available.She neither seems to be actively participating in the political forums nor openly expressing her views.So she can be assumed as a non-political person who may want to stay neutral.

Who is he/she dating?

Genesis Rodriguez seems to be single now and have no confirmed relationship as of now.In 2004,she was in relationship with Mexican actor Mauricio Islas. After that she dated Christian Meier in 2008-09.

Genesis Rodriguez Hobbies

Genesis Rodriguez is a fan of basketball game.She is a good dancer.She likes to have Luxury cars around her.She likes to drink beer.Apart from this no detailed information was available regading her leisure time activities

Interesting Facts

Genesis Rodriguez's father was 23 years older than her mother.Her father is a famous Venezuelan actor and singer.Genesis Rodriguez speaks both English and Spanish fluently.She is a Star War fan.Javier Bardem is her favorite actor and Jennifer Lawrence is her favorite actress.