Monday 10 July 2017

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor with birthname as Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor was a British born American actress.Besides her acting skills she was also known for her violet eyes,jewelry collection and the no. of marriages she did.She was born on February 27,1972 to Francis Lenn taylor and Sara Sothern in London,England.She died on March 23,2011 from Congestive heart failure.She was active in the field from 1942 to 2003.

In 1940s,she began her career as a child actress and became famous in 1950s.Some of the films in which she was involved are There's One Born Every Minute,Lassie Come Home,Jane Eyre,The White Cliffs of Dover,National Velvet,Courage of Lassie,Life with father,Cynthia,A Date with Judy,Julia Misbehaves,Little Women,Conspirator, The Big hangover,A Place in the Sun, Elephant Walk,Rhapsody, The Last time I saw Paris,Ivanhoe,Suddenly last Summer,Scent of Mystery,The Simpsons,Sweet Bird of Youth,Murphy Brown,Hotel,The Flintstones,The nanny etc

Elizabeth Taylor Religion

Taylor was brought up as Christian Scientist though she was a supporter of Zionism in her childhood.She converted to Judaism in 1959 which she said not happened because of her Jewish Spouse but felt as a Jew all in her life.She supported a number of Charity Organisations.

Elizabeth Taylor  Political Views

Though she was not well known for active politics some says that she was a Democrat.But she was married to Republican senator and spend her life with him for 6 years.She spent more time in AIDS/HIV activism rather than involving in political discussions.

Who is he/she dating?

Taylor died at the age of 79.In her lifetime she got married for 8 times and thus the list of her spouses are a bit long.If one goes by the order then her first spouse was Conard Hilton Jr, Michael Wilding, Michael Todd, Richard Burton,Eddie Fisher,John Warner and Lary Fortensky.She had 8 Grand-Children

Elizabeth Taylor  Hobbies

Taylor loves dogs.She was also interested in art collection and collecting Jewelry and thus she had a extensive collection of Jewelry with her.Apart from that she used to spend her leisure time in raising money for Charity.

Interesting Facts

Elizabeth Taylor was a Humanitarian and a businesswoman.She had appeared on the People's Magazine cover page for 14 times.She was a member of the Board of Trustees of the Simon Wiesenthal center in 1980.Her role in "Suddenly Last Summer" won her Golden Globe Award and Golden laurel Award and was nominated for Best Actress at Academy Awards.She won the Lifetime Achievement Award twice in 1993 and 1997.

She was named as the 7th Greatest Female Screen Legend by the American Film Institute in 1996.She was also known by Liz Taylor and Laliz.Her resting place is at Forest lawn Memorial Park, California,USA.