Friday 14 July 2017

Danica McKellar

Danica McKellar with birth name as Danica Mae McKellar is an American actress,Mathematics writer and an Educational advocate.She was born on June 3,1975 in La Jolla,California,USA.She was the author of five non-fiction books named Math Doesn't Suck,Kiss my Math,Hot X:Algebra Exposed,Girls Get Curves:Geometry Takes Shape.She appeared in the TV series The Wonder Years.

She did her Ph.D in Mathematics from University of Chicago.Her father,Christopher was a real estate developer and her mother Mahalia was a homemaker.Some of the films in which she was involved are Sidekicks,Good Neighbor,Black Hole,Reality School, Raising Genius,Intermission,Quiet Kill,Heatstroke,Mancation,Where Hope Grows.She was also involved in some TV series and episodes like The Twilight Zone,The Wonder Years,Babylon 5,Sirens,Working,Static Shock,King of Hill,NCIS,Inspector Mom,How I met your Mother,Miss America 2016 etc.

Danica McKellar  Religion

Danica McKellar's religious belief and faith are not much known as she neither made any public statement nor talked openly regarding her views of religious ideologies.So one can assume her as a non-religious person.

Danica McKellar Political Views

Political views of Danica McKellar are not known as her statements regarding her support to any political party or the ideas which she have are not easy to find.So it can be assumed that she may be a non-political person.

Who is he/she dating?

Danica McKellar was married to her boyfriend, Scott Sveslosky on November 15,2014.Prior to that she was married to Mike Verta on 2009 and got separated on 2012.They have a Child,Draco Mckellar Verta who was born on September 7,2010.

Danica McKellar Hobbies

Danica McKellar seems to be a fun lover as in her leisure time she indulges in activities like swimming,surfing and go-skiing.

Interesting Facts

Danica Mckellar's favorite subjects are Math and Physics and she got good grades in Math.She is fluent in French.She had written and directed 2 short films.She also is a voice artist.She was one of the members of the Alpha Chi Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi Sorority at UCLA.She made guest appearance in Twilight Zone. 

She also played roles in Video Games like X-Men Legends,EverQuest II,Marvel:Ultimate Alliance and Young Justice:Legacy.Her favorite vacation spot is Hawaii.