Friday 7 July 2017

Connie Britton

Connie Britton,with birth name as Constance Elaine Britton is an American actress,singer and producer.She was born on March-6,1967 at Boston,Massachusetts,USA to Linda Jane and Edgar Allen Womack.Britton made her feature film debut in 1995 in Edward burn's comedy-drama, The Brother's McMullen which received accolades for her starring role.She's been active in the industry since then.

She also acted in No Looking Back,Looking for kitty and in some sitcoms like Lost at home,The Fighting Fitzgerald.She was nominated for Prime time Emmy award for Outstanding Lead actress in a drama series in 2010 and 2011 for her performance in NBC drama series Friday Night Lights.She also won the Best actress-Television series drama award in Satellite Awards-2010 and Texas Film Hall of Fame in 2011.She was inducted into the Hair Fan’s Hall of fame in 2013.

Connie Britton's Religion

Though Britton neither express her religious views nor supported any religious practices,it is believed that she is a agnostic.

Connie Britton's Political Views

Britton seems to be in support of Democrats as she was a vocal supporter of the presidential candidate Hillary Clinton .But it seems that seeing her involving in active politics is still not nearby because when she was at National Museum of Natural History for Smithsonian Associates Q&A and a fan asked her "Would Britton ever see herself getting involved in politics?", she politely said no.

Who is he/she dating?

Britton is currently single and seems to be enjoying her motherhood with her son Eyob,whom she adopted from Ethiopia.Britton met John Britton,an investment banker at Alpha Delta House at Dartmouth College and moved together to Manhattan in 1989.In October 1991 she got married to John Britton.Later the two got divorced after six years i.e. in 1995.

 Connie Britton's Hobbies

Britton during her leisure time used to enjoy doing Yoga and Hiking.As a honorary board member of Discovery Arts and a supporter of a number of Charities and foundations, she likes to do Volunteer work and supports causes like Adoption,Fostering,Education, Poverty,Peace,Women,Disaster relief,Animals,Cancer etc.

Interesting Facts

Britton has a fraternal twin sister named Cynthia.Even in her high school days, she was a theatre star.Britton majored in Asian Studies at Darmouth College.While britton was waiting to get any acting jobs in New York city,she taught aerobics in college.Her zodiac sign is pisces.In 2008 she became a vegan.she has a pit-mix dog named Lucy as her pet.Britton's home is located at Holloywood Hills, just beneath the letter D of Hollywood.
The Anti-Poverty agency of United Nations,United Nations Development Programme announced Britton as its 10th Goodwill Ambassador in April 2,2014.Apart from this Britton also supported a number of Charities and Foundations.African Children's Choir, Global Poverty Project, United Nations Foundation,United Nations Development Programme, World wide Orphans Foundation to name a few.