Friday 28 July 2017

Casey Cott

Casey is a young American actor who plays Kevin Keller in the CW television series Riverdale, which is an adaptation of . He also worked in the movie Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Recently he appeared in the music video of Sabrina Carpenter's song "Why". He has also worked in production Newsies at Broadway. A multifaceted actor, Casey has been reported by media outlets to have an infectious personality and having a relatable approach towards his charcter. Besides, he is receiving a considerable fan following by his actress prowess. He along with other actors have earned enough respect. 

Casey Cott Religion

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Casey is a Christian by faith. He may or may not follow strict religious practices as such information about his personal demeanour couldn't be successfully traced. 

Casey Cott Political Views

Cott is a young actor trying to find a lucrative career in the world of Hollywood and Los Angeles. His political views might evolve in future because most elites tend to chose either sides of conservative Republicans or liberal Democrats as they establish themselves successfully.

Who is he/she dating?

Suprisingly, there were no reports of Casey being involved in any romantic relationship. This possibly is either because he has none or is trying to hide this information from the public and media eyes. 

Casey Cott Hobbies

Casey has a degree from Carnegie Mellon University College of Fine Arts. 

Interesting Facts

Casey presently lives in New York.

His younger brother is also a leading Broadway actor for Newsies. 

His character in Riverdale is a gay.

Casey has been confirmed to act in the next series of Riverdale set to return in 2018, where his character will be expanded more.