Wednesday 26 July 2017

Brooke Langton

Brooke Langton who was born on Nov 27,1970 is an American actress.She was born in Arizona,USA to Geologist Jackson Langton.Brooke Langton's mother was a surgical nurse.She was brought up in Illinois and Texas.She went to San Diego State University.She was a model working predominantly in Japan. She made her TV debut in 1992 in Beverly Hills as Suds Lipton and made her film debut in Terminal Velocity as Jump Junkie.She is well known for her role in Fox time soap opera "Melrose Place" as Samantha Reily.She is been active in the field since 1992.

Some of the TV shows in which she appeared are Freshman Dorm,Baywatch,California Dreams, Eye of the Stalker,Extreme,Chicago Hope,The Net,The Break,Weeds,Monk,Friday Night Lights,Life,The Closer,The Mentalist, Bones, Supernatural, The Glades, Stolen Dreams, Party of Five and The Single Guy.

The films in which appeared are Beach House,Swingers,Listen,Mixed Signals,The Small Hours, Reach the Rock, Playing Mona Lisa, The Replacements, The Benchwarmers, Primeval, Chilly Christmas, Oliver's Deal,Impact Earth and Shifting Gears,Kiss the Bride and The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones:Winds of Change.

Brooke Langton Religion

Langton's religious belief and faith are not known as not much information is available.She neither seems to have released any open statements nor expressed openly regarding her religious belief and practices.So it can be assumed that she may be a non-religious person or someone who may be more spiritual than religious.

Brooke Langton Political Views

Langton seems hardly to have leaning towards any political party as not much information is readily available.So it can be assumed that she may be a person who wants to keep her political views and ideologies as a secret,well away from the public media or a person who may not be interested in politics and like to be busy in her own work.

Who is he/she dating?

Brooke Langton seems to be single now.In the past she was in relationship with David Chokachi from 1997-98.She was also said to have an affair with George Clooney and Tiger Woods.

Brooke Langton Hobbies

Langton has a passion for travel.She is fond of Scuba diving.Also she has a strong love for her film and family.

Interesting Facts

Langton's zodiac sign is Sagittarius.She is related to the Swedish actor Adolf Jahr.Her father Jackson Langton was the author of the novel "All Trappers do not wear Fur hats".Catherine Oxenberg is a good friend of her.Langton settled down in California.Langton studied her Marine Biology and Screen-writing in California.Brooke Langton's maternal grandfather participated in World War II as a bomber pilot.