Sunday 9 July 2017

Lily Tomlin

Born on September 1, 1939, Mary Jean Lily Tomlin is an American actress , writer, singer, comedian and producer. She began her career as stand up comedian and performing Off Broadway during the 1960's. She currently starts in the Netflix series Grace and Frankie and had garnered nominations for her role as Frankie in the Prime Time Emmy Awards for the role of an outstanding comedian in 2015 and 2016. For her performance as Margo Sperling in The Late Show, she won the best actress award at the Berlin International Film Festival and had also received nomination at the Golden Globe Award.

Lily Tomlin's  Religion

Lily Tomlin is not a big believer in religion. She has a same sex partner and intends to get married to her after the law against same sex marriage had struck down. That was when in many of her interviews, she had expressed her views on religion. She had expressly stated that she and her partner both are uninterested in religion and the idea of marriage with her partner does not seem non religious to her.

Lily Tomlin's Political Views

Lily Tomlin is a leftist. She had expressed her views on trumps administration at the SAG Awards and compared it to the Germany under Hitler's rein. She said Trump is changing laws when he does not agree with them same as Hitler who changed laws which were adverse to his race. 

Who is Lily Tomlin dating?

Lily Tomlin has now been with her partner Jane Wagner for forty six years now. She got married to her in 2013 when same sex marriage wad legalised.

Lily Tomlin's Hobbies

Tomlin is a stand comedian and from her childhood days nurtured her skills of humour. As a little girl, she had discovered the power of observation which she deeply uses to create humour. She used to observe people and inculcate that in her acts. This was one of the keys to her popularity and her hobby is her work now.

Interesting Facts

Tomlin has been involved in a number of feminist and gay friendly productions.
Tomlin had originally attended Wayne State University to study biology before she started her gigs as a stand up comedian at the clubs in New York.