Sunday 9 July 2017

Benedict Wong

Benedict Wong who was born on June-3,1971 in Eccles,Greater Manchester,UK is an English actor.His parents emigrated from Hong Kong to England via Ireland.Benedict Wong is known for his roles in Netflix's Marco Polo,The martian and in Doctor Strange.He's been active in the field since 1992

He made his debut in the Entertainment industry by playing a role in BBC radio play called Kei Mei Sauce.In 2007,he made appearance in the feature film Grow your Own.Benedict Wong has done a number of TV films and episodes like Arabian Nights,The Bill,TLC,Look around you, State of Play, Eleventh Hour, The Chief, Screenplay,Night Watch,Frankenstein etc.Some of the films in which he made his appearances are Kiss Kiss, Wit,Spy game,Shanghai 2010, Pain killer,Prometheus, Kick ass-2, Largo Winch etc.

Benedict Wong  Religion

Not much is known regarding his religious faith and belief.It's also hard to find his public statements regarding his religious practices.So one may assume that he may not have much interest in practicing religious rituals.

Benedict Wong Political Views

Benedict Wong seems not to have leaning towards any political party nor their ideologies and philosophies.So it's hard to find his any news regarding his participation in an active political discussion forum.

Who is he/she dating?

Benedict Wong seems to keep his life behind the screen as a secret and he was successful so far in doing so.Though a lot of rumors are surfacing which states that "he's having a secret girlfriend","he's a gay","he's still searching for soulmate"etc,only he can unveil the truth.Until then one can assume that he is single.

Benedict Wong Hobbies

As for as his leisure time activities are concerned, one can hardly find anything because he was successful in keeping his life behind the cameras away from the media.So one can assume that he may be doing some sort of things related to the entertainment industry during his spare time.

Interesting Facts

Benedict Wong is a fan of Manchester United club.He in his statement said that Bruce Lee is his hero and he was amazed by the Choreography in the film 'Enter the Dragon'.He is currently working in the movie Avengers:Infinty wars which is in the filming stage.
Benedict Wong  was nominated for Best Supporting Actor at British Independent Film Awards for his role as Guo Yi in Dirty Pretty Things.