Wednesday 19 July 2017

Andrian Paul

Adrian Paul with name as Adrian Paul Hewett is an English actor.He was born on May 29,1959 in London,England, an Italian mother and a British father.He is been active in field since 1987. He is known for his role in TV series Highlander.He made his debut in 1988 by playing a role in Last Rites.

Then he acted in a number of films like City Rhythms,The Masque of the Red Death,Dance to Win,Love Potion No.9,Dead Men  Can't Dance,Susan's Plan,Merlin:The Return,Convergence,The Void,The Breed,Code Hunter,Nemesis Game,Throttle,Phantom Below,Seance,Little Chicago,Wraiths of Roanoke,Sir Francis Drake,Eyeborgs,Cold Fusion and The Heavy.

He also acted in TV shows which includes The Colbys,Beauty and the Beast,Shooter,Dark Shadows,The Owl,Tracker,Charmed,Wars of the Worlds,The Confession,Relic Hunter,Strike Back,Tarzan,Nine Miles Down,Deadly Descent,Black Rose,Alien Outpost and Kids vs Monsters.

Apart from these he also got involved in music videos and producer such as Days Like This,My Own Way.AE Apocalypse Earth,Apocalypse Pompeii and Deauville.

Andrian Paul Religion

Andrian Paul religious belief and faith are not known as not much information is available.He neither seems to have released any open statements nor expressed openly regarding his religious belief and practices.So it can be assumed that he may be a non-religious person or someone who like to be more spiritual than religious.

Andrian Paul Political Views

He seems hardly to have leanings towards any political partly as not much information is readily available.So it can be assumed that he may be a person who wants to keep his political views and ideologies as a secret, well away from the public eyes or a person who may not be interested in politics and like to be busy in his own work.

Who is he/she dating?

Andrian Paul was married to Meilani Figalan,an actress in 1990 and got divorced in 1997.After that he was married to her long time girlfriend Alexandra Tonelli in 2009.They have 2 children,a daughter named Angelisa,born in 2009 and a son named Royce born in 2012. 

Andrian Paul Hobbies

Andrian leisure time activities are playing golf,volleyball and reading books.His favorite author is William Shakespeare.His favorite music is Reggae and Enigma.He is a also a fan of soccer in 1997.Apart from this he was also involved in Charity activities.

Interesting Facts

Andrian Paul's sun sign is Gemini.He has been working as a model and choreographer in over 30 films and has around 200 hours of TV experience .He learnt Martial arts.He is the founder of Peace Fund Charitable Organisation.