Saturday 8 July 2017

Amanda Brugel

Amanda Brugel with birth name as Amanda Ellen Baker is a Canadian actress.She was born on March 24,1978 in Pointe-Claire,Quebec,Canada.She was a dancer in her intial days and then became a film actress with her film debut in 1999 in Vendetta.She is a graduate in Fine arts and also entered the renowed Theatre program in York University.

She was known for her appearances in the Comedy series, Seed and in the comedy film, Sex after Kids.She also had done a BBC space science fiction series Orphan Black in 2015.Apart from that she was involved in the films like Jason X, Jack & Ella, KAW, The Prince and me, Splice, Treading Water, Maps to the Stars, The Calling,Room,Suicide squad and Star Wars:Return of the Jedi and in TV series like G-Spot,Kevin Hill,Kojak,MVP,Da Kink in my hair,The Ron James show, Kim's convenience etc

Amanda Brugel Religion

Amanda Brugel seems to be not very candid in expressing her religious faith and belief.As it is hard for one to find out her public statements regarding her ideas of religion practices,it can be assumed that she is not bothering much about practicing the religion rituals and may be a non-religious person who may or may not have interest in spiritual related things.

 Amanda Brugel Political Views

Political views of Amanda Brugel is not much known which may make one to assume that she might be wanting to maintain some distance form involving in active politics.Her political statements in support of any party or it's ideas was also a bit hard to find.So we can assume her as a non-political person.

Who is he/she dating?

Amanda Brugel was married to Marcel Lewis in March 7,2008.The couple is blessed with two children.So it seems that Amanda Brugel is enjoying her parenthood.

Amanda Brugel Hobbies

Amanda Brugel founded Brugs Army in 2013,a non-profit organization that focusses on improving the lives of women and children.Through this foundation she was carrying out her social works and trying to fulfill her social responsibility as a fellow human.Apart from involving in social works,her hobbies are not much known.

Interesting Facts

She won the 2015 Best Actress Black canadian Award.She also won the Noteable celebrity Award:Regional in 2015,Outstanding Performance:Female-Actra Award in 2014.She was also nominated for the Best Female Performance in film in Canadian Comedian Award.