Thursday 13 July 2017

Ally Sheedy

Ally Sheedy with birthname as Alexandra Elizabeth "Ally" Sheedy is an American film and stage actress who also had written 2 books.She was born on June 13,1962 in New York,USA to John J. Sheedy,Jr. and Charlotte.Her father was an Advertising firm executive and her mom was a writer and press agent who actively involved in Women Civil Rights Movement.Her parents got divorced in 1971.

She made her film debut in 1983 by appearing in the film,Bad Boys.She is known for her roles in The Breakfast Club,St.Elmo's Fire,War Games,Short Circuit and High Art.Apart from these she acted in a number of films which includes Fear,Maid to Order,Twice in a Lifetime,Amnesia,Home Alone 2:Lost in New York,One Night Stand,The definite Maybe,Highball,A Good night to Die,X-Men:Apocalypse.She also appeared in a number of TV episodes like Chantily Lance,Ultimate Betrayal,Parallel Lives,Buried Alive II,The Fury Within,Tattle Tale,Hijacked:Flight 285,Hill street Blues etc

Ally Sheedy Religion

Though Ally Sheedy's religion is not known,one may assume that she may be following the religious practices of a Jew or a catholic or may be both as she is of Russian Jewish and Irish descent.Her mother is a Jewish.Her Father is of Irish catholic descent.

Ally Sheedy Political Views

Ally Sheedy's views regarding her support of any particular political party is not known.But she was in support of LGBT rights as her mom and daughter are gay.Also in her career she had come across so many artists and friends who were gay.She also hosted an event in New York City for homeless LGBT Youth.

Who is he/she dating?

Ally Sheedy is currently single.She was married to David Lansbury (nephew of actress Angela Lansbury and the original producer of Godspell) in 1992 and got separated in 2008.She also had dated Eric Stoltz,Gerard Zappa,Alec Baldwin and Richie Sambora.

Ally Sheedy Hobbies

One of her favorite leisure time activities was Dancing.She had rabbit and iguana as pets and might be spending her spare time with them apart from spending time on fulfilling her social responsibility in fighting for equality for all humans.

Interesting Facts

In 1985,she was admitted in the Hazelden Foundation and later got treated for sleeping pill addiction.She then got recovered from that.She used that experience in her film later.She was the author of the books "She was nice to Mice" and "Yesterday I saw the Sun".She is a Vegetarian.
She won 11 awards in her career for her roles in War Games,Highart and The Breakfast Club which includes Best Actress Awards from Saturn Ad,Los Angeles Films Critics Association and National Society of Film Critics.