Thursday 20 July 2017

Alison Brie

Alison Brie is an American Actress and producer born on 29th December 1982 to Joanne Brenner and Charles Terry Schermerhorn. She was interested in acting at a very early age and her first Role was of ‘Toto’ in the Wizard of Oz. Her role as Annie Edison in Community (2009 – 2015) is what she is most famous for. She currently has 3 movies to be released and is expected to act in BoJack Horsemen.

Alison Brie Religion

Alison Brie was brought up in a non religious household where she used to visit Christian Hindu Hybrid Church with her father. However getting her religious background from her mother who is a Jewish, the actress says she is Jewish by default.

Alison Brie Political views

Her tweets show that she is a Obama Fan, other than her support for Gay rights and environment conservation. We can call her a liberal individual as she used to Jog naked throughout the campus as Clothing was optional in California Institute of Arts.

Who is she dating?

Alison married Dave Franco in March 2017, after dating him for almost 5 years from 2012.

Alison Brie Hobbies

Alison off camera past time includes singing and shooting Guns. She has her own cover band. Shooting as a hobby was taken up from her former Boyfriend and now she is often seen in LA Gun Club.

Interesting Facts

Alison Brie was born Alison Brie Schermerhorn, Brie is not her given last name.
Before becoming an actress, Alison used to work as a Clown
She was once approached by a stranger in a grocery store who complimented her on her feet and offered to give her a "foot massage."