Wednesday 21 June 2017

Tim Curry

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Timothy James Curry aka Tim curry was born on 19th April,1946. Along with being an English actor, he also is a voice actor,comedian and singer. He believes in diversified work for which he is renowned for working in theatre,film and television productions, often playing the negative character. His amazing performance in the TV show The Rocky Horror Show took his acting performance to a whole new level.

Tim Curry's  Religion

Tim's religion is agnostic. His father was a Methodist naval chaplain.Thus he was raised Methodist. In public he has never practised anything spiritually, even indeed he practises,one. Theatre seems to be the only religion for him. He was a boy soprano at church at the age of six.

Tim Curry's Political Views

He is neither republican nor democrat as he works in United state on a work visa and has not relinquished his citizenship. He likes to keep his political views to himself.

Who is he dating?

As of today, he is single and hasn't married anyone and does not have any children. He had a long term relationship with Marcia hurwitz. As the rumour spread of him being a gay, he had dated a woman so long, we can't question his sexuality. Tim has even referred to the fact he was 'almost married once, long ago in an interview. He is a remarkably private man.

Tim Curry's Hobbies

He is a fan of Australian drama series Prisoner: Cell block H, with Joan Ferguson as his favourite character. He is fond of horror movies, Don't look now being one of his favourites. He like to play with dog, frank in his free time.

Interesting Facts

  1. Curry suffered a major stroke in June 2012. He now uses wheelchair, as a result of the stroke.
  2. He is a voice actor for a lot of animated movies such as forte in beauty and the beast.
  3. For three years running, He won the annual flute blower contest.
  4. He was previously a rock musician.
  5. His singing voice is called baritone.