Thursday 22 June 2017

Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger, an American record artist and actress, was born in June 29th, 1978, in Honolulu, Hawaii, and was raised in Kentucky. Her full name is Nicole Prescovia Valiente Elikolani Scherzinger. She studied at Wright State University and initially performed in high school plays. She is best known to be a member of the girl group and dance assemble, The Pussycat Dolls. Nicole has also appeared in important TV shows such as Dancing with the Stars, as a judge in The Sing-Off and in both US and UK versions of The X Factor.

Nicole Scherzinger Religion

She describes herself as spiritual. Since her grandfather was a priest, religion was something that was very present in her life, but she says she never felt it being forced upon her. Nicole grew up in a very conservative family, and she still keep most of those believes today, she says she feels nothing without her spirituality, that it’s her center. This was a challenge when she joined The Pussycat Dolls. She still tries to go every Sunday to church.

Nicole Scherzinger Political Views

She 100% supports Democratic Party, and is pro Obama; in fact, in 2008 she participated in the music video Yes We Can to support the former President of the USA. However, she hasn’t made any remarkable comments about Trump until now. Nicole also supports noble causes and has helped agents like The National Breast Cancer Foundation and Down Syndrome campaigns, either by raising funds, or in awareness-raising movements.

Who is she dating?

Nicole is currently dating Bulgarian tennis player, Grigor Dimitrov, and they’ve been together since 2016. Before Dimitrov, Nicki was engaged with Nick Hexum, lead singer of the music group 311, from 2000 to 2004. But hey broke up, she started an unstable relationship with the Formula 1 World Champion, Lewis Hamilton, in 2007, but they finally separated from one another in 2015. Nicole says that what she finds most attractive in a man is his confidence and his ability of making her laugh.

Nicole Scherzinger Hobbies

She loves to bake, especially southern cooking, but her biggest passion is music, by far; it helps her in bad times and gives her strength. She is also a little into sports, she practiced softball in high school (but admitted to be called noodle arms, so it seems she was very bad at it) and she really enjoys paddleboard, although she would prefer to know how to surf. She doesn’t like to watch TV, at least it is The X Factor or some show she is working on.

Interesting Facts

In 2012 she admitted she had suffered from bulimia for 8 years, when she was part of The Pussycat Dolls. Music is what helped her during those difficult times.

Her mother is a professional Hula dancer.

Her favorite music bands/groups are U2 and Black Eyed Peas.

She firmly believes that “everything happens for a reason”

She used to wear very conservative clothes before joining The Pussycat Dolls.