Monday 26 June 2017

Marina Benedict

Marina Benedict is a popular American actress. She was born in December 1960 in Seattle, California. She has been entertaining the audiences since 1998, when she made her debut in a German movie 5NY - Heiß auf Erfolg to portray the character of Marina. She is most known for her work in some famous television series such as Nikki (2000-01), Torchwood: Miracle Day (2011), Flesh and Bones (2015), Criminal Minds (2015) and Prison Break (2017). She has also appeared in short films such as Father Lefty, In Memory of Me, Dark Streets and The Advocates. Besides, she has also established herself as a successful singer, dancer and stage actress.

Marina Benedict Religion

Little information is available regarding Marina’s religious beliefs as she chooses to keep mum on religious topics.  Additionally, nothing is known about her ancestral background from which one can develop some idea about her faith. In the absence of reliable information, it would be wrong to comment on actress’ religion.

Marina Benedict's Political Views

Marina has kept her political views behind the curtains and has never publically talked on the issue, despite always being in limelight. She doesn’t seem to have given any political comments which can help us infer about her political views. However, it would be safe to assume that she might be liberal in her views.

Who is she dating?

Not much is known about Marina’s love life or the guy she might be possibly dating. Marina is never spotted with someone who could be guessed to be her boyfriend. There are no official records of her marriage available either. If reports are to be believed, Marina is still single. Probably, the actress hasn’t yet found the perfect guy for herself.

Marina Benedict's Hobbies

Marina has never shared anything about her hobbies as such but, as far as we know, she is an Animal Activist and enjoys spending time with animals. Besides, she is too very fond of traveling and exploring things. Also she is a nature lover. As she is an artist also, we may assume that she, probably, enjoys filling the spare hours of her life with her creativity.

Interesting Facts

  1. Currently, Marina is the Associate Chairperson of the Dance Department in the American Music and Dramatic Academy.
  2. She got her first lead role, at an early age of 7, in Peace Child’s International Touring Company.
  3. She has been honoured by many awards including the award for Best Performance as an Actress in a leading role, for her work in 2009 short film ‘Death in Charge’, at the International Film Festival, USA.