Friday 30 June 2017

Felicia Day

Kathryn Felicia Day is known actress, singer and writer. She is also the creator of various web series. She is currently the star in the Web Series- The Guild- a show she also writes and directs. In The Guild, she is portrayed as a Gamer, the character is loosely based on her own life. She also co wrote in another web series- Dragon Age: Redemption which is a part of the Dragon Age web series. She has also made few appearances on TV as well. She is quite famous for her role as Vi in Buffy The Vampire Slayer.  In 2017, she began appearing in the web series Mystery Science Theatre 3000: The return.

Felicia Day’s Religion

She belongs to Hunstville, Alabama and grew up surrounded by Christianity. However, our nerdy nature afflicts the fact that she is a bit of antagonistic. She hasn’t openly supported Christianity, but has a few times made statements that would support the fact that is a bit of an antagonistic. She is a woman who believes in science and thus, doesn’t actively support religious views.

Felicia Day’s Political Views

Felicia Day has actively used twitter, the social networking platform to discuss politics. Though she states herself as politically neutral, she is often criticizing the current US Government in her tweets. On her blog, she once wrote how inspiring Obama’s speeches are. This probably conveys that she is a staunch Obama supporter. However, she shared this video with the caption that she is politically neutral, thus making people believe that she isn’t sided with any Political camp. 

Who is she dating? 

In 2013, she had said in an interview that she had been in a relationship with her boyfriend for over 10 years. On January 3, 2017, Felicia Day announced through the social media that she was pregnant. On January 30, she announced that she had become a proud mother to a baby girl. Various Hollywood agencies tried to find out the father of the girl, but none were successful.

Felicia Day’s Hobbies

Felicia Day calls herself a proud geek. She takes active interest in politics, but calls herself “politically neutral”. She likes to supervise other Web Series projects. She has even authored a memoir fashioned book titled You are Never Weird on the Internet. She actively works on the Guild Web Series and has a keen interest in Video games. She has even lent her voice to various video games.

Felicia Day’s Interesting facts

Felicia Day as a kid never went to school. She was home schooled by her mother as her father’s job forced the family to move around a lot. She also knows how to play the violin and is also very good at it. Felicia Day has accomplished a lot in life, but she also plans to be a renowned author.