Thursday 22 June 2017

David Patrick Kelly

An American actor and musician David Patrick Kelly was born on january 23,1951 in Detroit, Michigan. He acted in numerous movies and TV series. In 198,kelly won the Obie award for sustained excellence for his theatre work and classics. His most influential role is as Luther in The warriors.

David Patrick Kelly's  Religion

He is of Irish descent. He is conservative about his religious beliefs but he is open to play characters portraying religion values.

David Patrick Kelly's Political Views

In this age of political correctness, he avoids to give any comments in favour or against of any political party. He is a private man when it comes to expressing his political views in public. 

Who is he dating?

On August 14,2005 he was married to theatre actress and writer Juliana francis in New york. 

David Patrick Kelly's  Hobbies

He has an immense love for music that made him turn his passion to his career.  He likes to write songs as well. He used to do martial arts in his free time. He loves to play guitar and mandolin as well.

Interesting Facts

He is a skilled mandolin and guitar player.

He is an avid martial artist.

Kelly is a vegetarian.

He is of Irish descent.